Thursday, 29 October 2015

New tights brand Heist launched

Tights Reimagined. That is the concept of Heist of a new hosiery brand that launched recently in London.

The tights developed by Heist were created after an extensive consultation exercise with the aim to develop a perfect and luxurious pair of black tights.

Heist tights have several key features:

  • Completely seamless
  • Made with an exceptional Italian double covered yarn with 5x the spirals of regular tights (5000+)
  • A waistband made separately and then hand-sewn onto each pair of tights
  • A choice of two waistband heights  - low and high
  • Toe seams that tuck three millimetres under the toes to give a streamlined silhouette for the entire foot.

Heist tights are available in two versions.

The Sheer - the Thirty with a low (£19.00) or high waistband (£21.00).

The Opaque - the Fifty with a low (£20.00) or high waistband (£22.00).

The tights can be purchased online from Heist. Shipping is free throughout the EU.

You can follow Heist at Twitter and Instagram.


  1. Not sure their sizing chart is made for men...unless they stretch like Falkes or Wolfords, or even Oroblus, which fit me best.

  2. Would be curious to know the difference with Oroblu seamless "unique 20" model...

  3. After comparing the size charts it looks like that the sizing is close to Wolford sizing.
    Ineresting to know would be the hip/waist size range of each size instead of the weight.
    Maybe they can implement the Wolford size finder too in there web shop to check for comfortable fit before buying one.

  4. Any review planned from your side?
    Would be interesting to know how good and accurate the sizing is.

  5. Would love to review but Heist need to send me a sample.

  6. I found that brand couple of days ago.. I think they made the products with passion. If they feel any need to mens necessity maybe produce for us.

    this type of (totally seamless)pantyhoses much comfortable for man.

    It fits perfect and don't sag or slide never .

    I try then asap ... Good work thanks :)

  7. Check our review: