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Spotlight on Foot Fetish Socks

Foot Fetish Socks is a business specialising in handmade socks and other hosiery.

We recently spoke to Samantha Perry of Foot Fetish Socks and are really pleased to publish our interview.

Can you tell Hosiery For Men readers about Foot Fetish Socks How did the business start and how has it developed?

Charmaine, the creator of Foot Fetish Socks has always loved knitting. When she came across a Victorian sock knitting machine she set herself the challenge of teaching herself the skill, combining her love for steam punk fashion she started making stockings. She was successful and decided to make a business out of her hobby.

The business began on Etsy in 2011, since then the business has grown and is currently nearing the 900th online sale. In March Sam joined the business and began to work on social media to gain more interest in areas other than Etsy.

Since then we have been approached by several other organisations, and we have sealed a deal with a gift shop in the Lake District and are now negotiating another deal with an online store. We hope to continue to grow and make the business, both of our full time jobs.

Why did you choose the name Foot Fetish Socks? Why the word ‘fetish’?

When anyone says fetish, automatically people think of a form of sexual desire, but it also means an excessive and irrational devotion or commitment to a particular thing….just like Charmaine’s love of socks!

It also sounds fun, different and she likes alliteration.

We recently added a tag line #notaskinkyasyouthink to our brand, for a bit of fun and to acknowledge that we know it’s not a conventional name.

What are the main types of socks and hosiery that you make and sell?
Thigh highs and stockings are our best sellers; there is not a wide range of traditionally handmade items like ours.

We also sell leg warmers, knee high socks, bed socks and ordinary socks.

We make socks in all types of yarns including, angora, alpaca, mohair and silk blends, cotton and cashmere.

We have many custom requests, we are able to for fill almost all of the request’s we receive. We will send photos and chat about custom orders to ensure the customer is happy before we send them out. We have custom made anything from angora socks for a mountaineer in the alps to split toe tabi socks to extra, extra long stockings.

Do you welcome male customers? What kind of service will they receive?
Male customers receive the same service as female customers, we pride ourselves with a high standard of customer service and we like to keep both new and old customers happy. We have many repeat customers, we are very confident that you won’t be able to stop at one pair.

Are there any styles that you particularly recommend for men? Are there any styles that have been particularly popular?
One of our favourite male customers regularly buys super long thigh highs. Leg warmers are also popular with men.

For men with larger thighs we recommend the Victorian stockings held up with some of our garter clips.

The leg warmers are great too because they can be practical and look beautiful from ankle length to as far up as you want to go!

For your “vanilla” pair of socks, we would recommend 100% wool, cashmere or alpaca.

There is always quite a lot of media interest in the subject of tights for men. What are your thoughts about the greater visibility of men buying and wearing tights?
If it’s cool for girls, it’s cool for guys! Who wore stockings first anyway?

Are you planning to make and sell tights in the future?
Making tights on a knitting machine is a very long and time consuming process, they would also be a very expensive pair of tights, at the moment it is not viable for us to make them whilst we both still work full time.

What are your plans for the future at Foot Fetish Socks?
At the moment we are concentration on gaining opportunities to sell in more gift shops and more online shops. We are also expanding our range. We have began to make and sell garter clips. This has kicked off well and is gaining a lot of interest.

We sell to a wide range of countries already, including here in the UK, the USA, Canada, Australia and France.

We want to be the go to brand for good old fashioned quality handmade foot and legwear worldwide.

Thanks Samantha, it's been great talking to you. I hope Hosiery For Men readers will check out Foot Fetish Socks and also connect with you on Twitter.

Stay tuned for a forthcoming review of some amazing handmade socks that Foot Fetish Socks sent us.

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