Friday, 20 November 2015

"Men - Wear Your Tights With Pride" say Luxury legs

Hosiery retailer Luxury Legs marked International Men's Day 2015 with a special post on their blog.

In the blog, International Men’s Day: Men in Tights, Luxury Legs comment on how men are also adopting season hosiery habits and increasingly enjoying the benefits of tights as an insulating layer under trousers and jeans.

Women have known for years that tights are perfect for wrapping up in the winter months, an insulating layer that still allows you to wear skirts and shorts even when it’s sub-zero outside! While not widely spoken about, men have been paying close attention to these seasonal hosiery habits and have been using tights as an essential layer for keeping warm when working in the outdoors. All kinds of men in all manner of outdoor trades have been wearing tights underneath their trousers to great insulating effect – a pretty smart move if you ask us!

It doesn’t stop there. The incredible flexibility and warming ability of tights has even been passed on to the everyday man. Not only for fashion, but for practicality. Worn underneath trousers and jeans for an extra winter layer, women are no longer the only ones privy to the wondrous effects of tights, and why should they be? As we celebrate International Men’s Day on November 19th, remember that tights are no longer confined to the stage and should be worn with pride, whether you’re looking to get ahead of the fashion game or staying style savvy with innovative layering ideas.

We totally agree that men should wear their tights with pride!

Luxury Legs conclude by asking men (and hopefully their partners) to check out the great selection of opaque tights they stock.


  1. I agree also men should wear tights or pantyhose with pride I wear daily and have a large wardrobe of both

  2. As a lawyer in a law firm that is in an older building my office. Sometimes gets cold on the floor and traditional, dress socks and. Shoes do not keep the feet and legs warm so I wear tights that have the same colour as my suits.The look just like a regular pr of dress sox as they are not thin like pantyhose and keep my legs and feet. Very comfortable. Men it is the friction of the nylon rubbing up and down on your. Legs. That produce. Heat. When your walking outside. We also wear. Them under. Ski outfits for down hill or cross country skiing and can stay out all day as they. Provide so much protection from the elements. So I say enjoy.!