Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Wolford launch innovative new Pure 10 tights

Wolford have just launched another style in their award winning Pure Tights range.

We recently published a review of the superb Wolford Pure 50 Tights.

The new Pure 10 Tights are described by Wolford as "softer than silk" and like the Pure 50 Tights feature barely-visible seams and an extra-wide waistband for maximum comfort.


Wolford explain why the Pure 10 Tights are so unique:

"Two things make the Pure 10 Tights new and unique: their seams are finely bonded using the unique technique developed by Wolford and are therefore almost invisible, so that these 10-denier tights appear especially smooth and are barely visible even under tight clothing. The material is also revolutionary: A new fiber, a third finer than silk, makes the Pure 10 Tights the softest tights you can imagine. The wearer will barely feel that they are there and her legs will look great."

The Pure 10 Tights are available in seven shades: Caramel, Cosmetic, Gobi, Sand, Fairly Light, Nearly Black and Black.

There is a great review of the Pure Tights by fashion blogger Olivia Gold. Be sure to check it out.

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