Wednesday, 16 March 2016

New Nike Golf Hyperwarm Tights

Performance tights for men have become a regular fixture for runners, on the basketball court and elsewhere.

Nike have recently launched their new Golf Hyperwarm tights. Designed to boost motion using a compression feel, regulate body temperature and offer another layer of heat, the Nike tights are created out of a high-stretch Dri-FIT material which helps keep athletes dry.

This is more evidence that tights growing in popularity for their function and practical benefits.

The contemporary style of wearing tights with shorts has most definitely crossed over into the mainstream, and looks likely to become even more popular.


  1. Glad to see your new posts, hope all is well!

    This is definitely just showing the trend that we have noticed ever increasing. Least finally with a big label like Nike promoting tights now, maybe our battle to show that men can and should wear tights has finally made it!

    Kay ¦ Tights and Ladders

  2. Products like this from Nike certainly make tights for men more visible and acceptable. Plus these trends from sports and leisurewear cross over into the mainstream.

  3. I somewhat disagree with your above assessments. Technical tights/leggings for sports/outdoors for men is nothing new...
    What's new on the other hand is what you've been seeing on podiums from high end creators, that is men wearing tights on a daily civil basis.
    And I believe the fabric is where the difference lies.
    Breathable technical fabric for sports/outdoors: nothing new.
    Nylon: definitely a growing trend (and that's for the best).

  4. This is a great development! I agree, this will give tights more visibility and acceptance. I'm elected to see this in the golfing world. Now, you'll see it happen in a sport that you wouldn't have thought of.