Wednesday, 16 March 2016

The resurgence of tights in menswear

The US based hosiery retailer Hosieree has just published a very interesting blog piece called THE RESURGENCE OF TIGHTS IN MENSWEAR. It reflects on why tights have made a comeback as part of menswear.

Playing close attention to fashion trends, they observe:

"With the comfort and ease of tights, it’s really no surprise as to why it would be making this resurgence, but this is a new vintage renewal on the men’s fashion scene that we’re not sure anyone was really expecting to see for the year 2016. Beginning with runway shows in early 2015, tights are being seen as a replacement for dress socks under trousers and men’s dress pants from runways to walkways all across Europe and into the United States. There have even been menswear bespoke and custom tights indie brands popping up in hip regions particularly catering to this specific trend."

Adrian Squares 50 Men's Tights

In asking why there has been this resurgence in the visibility of tights for men, they answer:

"So, why this resurgence of tights in menswear after more than a generation? It’s simple – men are realizing all of the comforts and benefits of tights that ladies have been enjoying for a long time. Tights are supportive, they’re warm, they don’t slip, and they have a fantastic look under a pant, and these benefits are far from gender exclusive. When viewed under a pair of trousers, like a dress sock, they simply look like a dress sock, and the keep a man’s appearance flawless and seamless while providing additional advantages."

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