Monday, 26 December 2016

Reviewed: Falke Soft Merino Tights

Hosiery retailer Tights Tights Tights recently recommended the Falke Soft Merino Tights as warm, winter tights suitable for men as part of our feature Fight the Freeze: Recommended winter and thermal tights for men

Tights Tights Tights said:

"Luxurious Merino wool tights from premium hosiery brand Falke. These tights are the ultimate in warm winter comfort. More than half of the composition is Virgin Merino wool, while the majority of the remainder is cotton. This combination creates perfection - the soft, skin loving cotton lines the inside of the tights, while Merino wool warms from outside. A reinforced heel and toe make this an ideal pair for teaming with boots, and the comfort top provides full movement without digging in."


The packaging for these tights is very simple. The tights are folded and held in position by a card clasp.

Material and features

Falke describe these tights as follows:

"Thanks to the innovative combination of premium, soft merino wool on the outside and pure, skin-kind cotton on the inside, these tights guarantee excellent temperature regulation and unbeatable comfort. Besides the perfect FALKE fit and the reinforced stress zones, the extra flat seams contribute to the outstanding comfort. The fine mesh structure make them perfect for business outfits, too."

The Falke Soft Merino Wool Tights are made from 55% Virgin Wool, 28% Cotton, 15% Polyamide and 2% Elastane.

On removal from the packaging, the first impressions are really positive. They feel like very soft, thick, warm tights that are prefect for winter.

Leg length looks generous with the tights shaped to be wider in the thigh and tapering towards the calf and heel.

The combination of wool and cotton works well to provide a luxurious touch. Soft cotton lines the inside of the tights, with the merino wool providing additional warmth on the outside.

The yarn is knitted in a fine mesh structure that provides even opaque coverage throughout.

The brief is deep and comfortable. In the Extra Large size there is a rear comfort panel. Seams are flat. The waistband, which is almost 7cm wide, has been designed for comfort.

The heel and tow are both reinforced and are superbly engineered.

Fit and sizing

The Falke Soft Merino Wool Tights are available in four sizes at Tights Tights Tights: 

  • Small
  • Medium 
  • Large
  • Extra Large 
I tested a pair in the Extra Large size.

On putting these tights on I got an immediate sense of the investment and care that had been put into their design.

The fit was excellent and the tights provided a great soft, warm feeling on the leg.

The brief/panty was particularly comfortable, with the soft and wide comfort waistband.

Colour range

At Tights Tight Tights, the Falke Soft Merino Wool Tights are available in Black only

Price and availability

The Falke Soft Merino Wool Tights are priced £30.00. Delivery in the UK is free.


The Falke Soft Merino Wool Tights are a great innovation in the way that cotton and merino wool are combined to provide an optimum wearing experience.

In fact, Falke seem to have invested significantly in their range of cotton tights, which now includes the Cotton Touch Tights and the Sensual Cotton 80 Denier Tights.

The Falke Soft Merino Wool Tights combine functionality, design and a great wearing experience.

Definitely recommended.

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  1. Definitely also my recommendation, perfect tights for the days with temperatures below freezing point.