Thursday, 19 January 2017

Reviewed: Silky 200 Denier Thermal Fleece Tights

Leading British hosiery brand Legwear International recently gave some more samples to trial and review.

We focus on the Silky 200 Denier Thermal Fleece Tights.

About Silky

Established in 1997, the Silky brand offers a wide range of hosiery from everyday sheers through to fast moving fashion. Silky aims to offer the highest quality hosiery at affordable prices.


The Silky 200 Denier Thermal Fleece Tights are packaged very simply. The tights are folded and held in place in a card clasp. The packaging is designed for retail display.

Material and features

Silky describe the Silky 200 Denier Thermal Fleece Tights as follows:

Our New and Improved 200 Denier Fleece Hosiery products are made with a soft brushed fleece lining designed to give maximum warmth when the weather gets cold without feeling stuffy. Our fleeced products offer a fabric that allows the skin to breath and are soft and cosy to wear. All of our fleece is highly rated by all our consumers and has become a wardrobe staple for many of our followers. The Fleece tight can be easily matched with any dress or skirt for a modern, sophisticated outfit.
These tights have a 200 denier appearance and are made from 93% Polyester and 5% Spandex.

They look quite large when taken from the packaging, especially in the leg (a good sign for male wearers).

The material is soft on the outside but has an even softer fleece lining.

They are sheer to waist with no demarcation for the panty/brief area. Seams are flat throughout and well made.

There is a 3cm wide waistband. Both the Large and X Large sizes I tried have a rear comfort panel.

Appearance is matt with no shine, and opaque coverage is even and dense.

Sizing, fit and wearing experience

The Silky 200 Denier Thermal Fleece Tights are available in four sizes: 

  • Small 
  • Medium 
  • Large 
  • X Large 

I tested them in both the Large and X Large sizes.

The Large size, which according to the sizing information will fit up to 5'10", fitted well. The tights have considerable stretch.

The brief is quite deep and stretches over the waist. They fit as medium rise style.

The fit is quite snug but slightly looser than tights that have a higher Lycra/Elastane content.

They feel very soft on the leg and the internal fleece provides good insulation, without overhearing or producing sweating and discomfort.

Overall they were a comfortable wear and on the two very cold days I wore them, the thermal effect was excellent. You notice that with warm legs more heat is retained in the body overall.

They were also comfortable under trousers and jeans.

I did find however that the tights did need some adjustment and pulling up during the day. They also attracted other fibres which meant some brushing to maintain a smooth appearance.

I noticed little difference in sizing, when worn, between the Large and X Large sizes.

Colour range

The Silky 200 Denier Thermal Fleece Tights are available in five colours: 

  • Black 
  • Grey 
  • Navy
  • Brown
  • Wine 
Both pairs I tried a pair were Black.

Price and availability

The Silky 200 Denier Thermal Fleece Tights are available from several retailers, but we recommend UK Tights where they are priced at £4.99.


The Silky 200 Denier Thermal Fleece Tights are, at just £4.99, a real bargain if you need some warm, thermal tights in the current cold weather.

The overall positives are:

  • Excellent warming, thermal quality.
  • Breathability: warmth without overheating or sweating.
  • Good stretchiness and elasticity.
  • Durable material.
Check the many very positive reviews that satisfied customers have written about this style on the UK Tights website.

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