Monday, 20 February 2017

New photos of the Emilio Cavallini men's tights (pantyhose) collection

Leading European hosiery brand Emilio Cavallini recently published a new photo shoot, showcasing their socks, underwear and tights (mantyhose) for men.

This is another great step forward in marketing tights for men as a fashionable and practical choice.

This is what Emilio Cavallini say about their men's tights:

Mantyhose: Tights for Men

Who said tights are only for women?

With his outstanding mantyhose collection, Emilio Cavallini has finally given men their right to make their legs stand out!

But what does the word “mantyhose” exactly mean? A neologism born from the combination of “man” and “pantyhose” - also known as “broisery” or “guylons” - the term“mantyhose” simply means “tights for men”, and they are as versatile and fashionable as their women’s alternative. Mantyhose are a fun and trendy fashion item to complete and enhance your look – a must-have for the cosmopolitan and modern man.

So for all of those who thought men in tights were a prerogative of Robin Hood’s times, it’s time to update your views on fashion!

Make an entrance by wearing them with shorts, or simply keep your legs warm in the cold winter days, by wearing our ultra-comfortable men’s tights underneath your trousers. You can also wear them for skiing as a more fashionable alternative to long johns. Choose among our stunning variety of prints and patterns and make a bold fashion statement: from skulls to checks, from stars to vertical stripes, all patterns are available in both a white-on-black and in a black-on-grey version.

The full range of Emilio Cavallini tights for men can be viewed here.


  1. Thanks for posting those photos! If I may post this comment as a service to readers in the USA, EC mantyhose and meggings can be purchased in the US from G. Lieberman and Sons, Ltd., at Thanks for letting me do that.


  2. These are tights with 100 to 190 den and are more for colder days. I am missing the ones for warmer days.

  3. These tights look great thinking of getting the star ones they would look great on very fashionable to.