Monday, 5 June 2017

Sheer Chemistry tights launching this week!

Last year Hosiery For Men published news of a hot new London-based hosiery brand, Sheer Chemistry.

You can still read our interview with Tahlia Gray, the founder and director of Sheer Chemistry.

Tahlia started Sheer Chemistry to provide tights for women of all shades of brown.

Tahlia provides some background to the brand:

"Women of all shades of brown have always struggled to find the right kind of nude, sheer tights to match their skin tone. Time and time again they have been forced to fit into the beige-coloured 'nudes', and confined to a cycle of disappointment and exclusion from the fashion and beauty industry."

“Sheer Chemistry has come to bring greater diversity to the hosiery market and to provide women of all shades of brown with much needed choice. Our tights are perfectly made to blend in with all brown skin tones, and to give women the confidence to stand out.”

Sheer Chemistry launches on 7 June 2017 with a collection of tights in five shades of brown.

Havana Glow: Sun-kissed with a luminous glow of an endless summer.

Rio Romance: Tinted with the sensual hue of moist sand and deep burnished bronze.

New York Soul: A soulful mix of warm baked clay and tawny copper tones.

Nairobi Sunrise: An alluring union of roasted earth, lustrous amber and maroon rust.

Parisian Dream: Rich melanin gold, reminiscent of polished mahogany.

There are three products in the Sheer Chemistry range

Radiance – 10 denier gloss tights. Irresistibly silky sheer-to-waist tights, designed to give your legs a naturally radiant glow.

Ambition – 15 denier matt tights. For all-day flawless, velvety smooth legs, designed to make you feel unstoppable.

Confidence – 15 denier control tights. The ultimate confidence boost, designed to smooth your waist, lift your bum and tone your thighs.

Hosiery For Men will be publishing a report on the launch event this week to which we have been invited. Stay tuned!

We hope to get to try some of the Sheer Chemistry tights also!

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