Friday, 15 September 2017

Bataillon Belette: A new hosiery brand from Germany

Bataillon Belette is a new hosiery brand from Germany.

The concept behind the brand is based on giving a fashion basic, a pair of tights, a long overdue upgrade.

"With Bataillon Belette, a spare pair of tights in your handbag and worries about ladders and runs are all a thing of the past. We have created robust designer tights and have transformed this often underrated fashion basic into a second skin – one which you can rely on implicitly. Thanks to the long-lasting and robust material, Bataillon Belette tights have a much longer lifespan than conventional models. The reinforced panty section with integrated gusset and flat comfort seam make these tights the perfect companion – even under figure-hugging clothing. And being cut lower on the hip means they flatteringly highlight legs and derriere. Thereby turning your outfit into a head-turner and your Bataillon Belette into a covetable fashion accessory."

Two products are currently available:

The Bel40 Super Robust Tights

The BEL40 are semi-opaque, 40 denier tights. Sitting more on the hip, with a wider waistband, reinforced panty section and a comfort seam.

The Bel80 Super Robust Tights

The BEL80 are opaque 80 denier tights. This style also sits more more on the hip, and has a wider waistband, reinforced panty section and a comfort seam.

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