Tuesday, 12 September 2017

New Travel Leg Support Tights from Wolford

As we move in Autumn, the new hosiery collections are also now appearing.

We have taken a look at Wolford's new arrivals and picked out one style that will work for men as well as women.

The new Travel Leg Support Tights are part of Wolford's Shape & Control range, and are described as follows:

"These matt tights with a delicate pattern support the areas of your body that matter, and ensure comfort when standing or sitting down for long periods. The knitted heel guarantees a precise fit, and the toes are reinforced for long-term wear. The knitted waistband is wonderfully soft and provides a perfect fit."

They are available in three colours (Black, Midnight and Anthracite) and in sizes up to XL.

If you travel frequently, these would be a great purchase and would look smart under trousers or a business suit.


  1. I bought these support tights two weeks ago, recommendation from a sales person in a Wolford boutique.
    Fit, sizing and wearing comfort is as you expect from Wolford.
    Opacity is comparable to 40 to 50 den tights depending on stretching.
    I suppose the most challenge is the pattern if worn without cover socks.
    But I like the pattern, it looks decent.
    I would definitely add these tights to the unisex collection, as well as the Satin Opaque Nature tights (reinforced sole, toe and heel section) and the Pure 50.
    Any attempts from your side to add more styles to the unisex collection?

  2. Thanks Anon. Well I'm glad the Wolford unisex section is getting noticed. I am going to review the Satin Opaque Nature tights soon. I will see what I can do to get new additions to the unisex collection. Good to get some early feedback on Travel Leg Support Tights.

  3. I can certainly vouch for the Satin Opaque Nature tights - fit and general wear-ability of these tights is superb, and I think that the reinforced sole and heel help in this regard tremendously. very comfortable under jeans or trousers and don't overheat.

  4. Hey, sounds like you can write a really good guest review!

  5. I'd be happy to!

  6. Okay, check the format used for reviews on this blog and send us your thoughts to: hosiery4men@gmail.com