Sunday, 22 October 2017

Reviewed: I SEE YOUR LEGS tights

We recently published a feature on the new hosiery brand from Denmark: I SEE YOUR LEGS

They sent Hosiery For Men samples to review of I SEE YOUR LEGS tights in both the Black and Nude shades.

After trialling these tights we are pleased to publish our review.


As you can see in the photos, there is something very unique about the packaging for I SEE YOUR LEGS tights. Yes, it's the so-called GOLDEN BAG which the brand identify as a unique feature.

The concept behind the GOLDEN BAG is to have a small, non-bulky way to house I SEE YOUR LEGS tights so that they can be carried easily, in your bag or pocket.

The weight is minimal.

The bag itself is laser cut and opens easily with a light pull on the strip at the top.

The concept is certainly a first in the hosiery industry from my knowledge and experience.

Inside the bag the tights are carefully folded around a small card, which provides washing instructions and information on a contest.

Material and features

If you check the materials and specification for I SEE YOUR LEGS tights, you will see that this is a brand that has invested a great deal of into ensuring that this product is top quality.

These are 20 denier tights - the yarn is 88% Polyamide and 12% double-covered LYCRA®. The aim is to create a high-end product that is durable, but which also feels soft and silky.

The tights are sheer too waist, and fully boarded (ironed into the shape of the leg).

Seams are flat throughout and expertly engineered.

The waistband is 4cm wide and is strengthened further with a 4cm finger band which sits below it. There is an I SEE YOUR LEGS tag attached inside the waistband.

Sizes 1 to 4, have a cotton gusset.

Toes are reinforced - another welcome feature that enhances durability.

Sizing, fit and wearing experience

I SEE YOUR LEGS tights are available in five sizes:

1 - XS/S

2 - S/M

3 - M/L

4 - L/XL

5 - MAXI

This review is based on our trial and assessment of the size 4.

The size 5 (MAXI) is currently out of stock but once it is available, we will publish a further review or update with our evaluation of this size. The 5 - MAXI size will have a rear comfort panel.

With my 177cm height I was pretty much at top end of the size 4 sizing, but still within the specified range. So it was good to see that the tights had plenty of stretch when I put them on.

The 12% Elastane/Lycra in the yarn provides an exceptionally snug and comfortable fit.

You can really feel that luxurious Italian-made quality that you get with the higher end products that are manufactured there.

The tights really stay in place nicely and even provide a light compression feeling.

The waistband is particular comfortable and stretches to accommodate the waist and hips without any digging in.

Appearance on the leg is mainly matt, but there is definitely some shine there when the tights catch the light.

Colour range

I SEE YOUR LEGS tights are available in two colours: Black and Nude. We trialled both colours.

The Nude colour is soft neutral beige colour. More cream than tan. It is similar to the Marmot shade of the Wolford Satin Touch 20 Tights.

The Black shade is a deep, dark midnight black when folded but appears lighter (as you would expect for a sheer tight) on the leg.

Price and availability

I SEE YOUR LEGS tights are priced at €15.00.

They are available directly from the shop on the I SEE YOUR LEGS website.


It is always a pleasure to check out and trial a new brand of tights from a male perspective. The I SEE YOUR LEGS tights did not disappoint.

From a quality point of view, these tights have the features that you would expect from the most prestigious European brands.

The wearing experience and fit was great, and I loved the feeling of wellbeing these tights provided to the legs.

The packaging is also unique and innovative. Perfect if you want to take extra tights to work or in an overnight bag.

I hope to try the 5 - MAXI size soon as I feel that sizewise that might just be the perfect fit for me, and would provide more room and overall comfort.

At €15.00 I SEE YOUR LEGS tights are heading for premium hosiery territory, but they are also competitively priced compared to the most prestigious European brands.


  1. Excellent review and a great looking product representing very good value for money, look forward to trying them.

    1. Thank you

      Looking forward to seeing you online via #iseeyourlegs and #daretobeseen

      Best regards,

  2. I agree with the above writer.
    I indeed like the unique (unisex) packaging, reduced to the necessary needs.
    However, it would interesting how good these tights are in comparison to Falke Pure Matt 20 and Wolford Satin Touch 20 / Individual 20. Any comparison planned?