Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Introducing Socktights

Socktights is a hosiery brand with a difference - tights with a sock attached.

Socktights were created by founder Shelby Mason, who spent years traveling for business wearing tights with boots. She used to layer socks over tights - often they were typically men’s white tube socks stolen from her father.

The inspiration to create Socktights came when Shelby was on a business trip. Here is what happened in her own words:

"I made my way through a long security line in the company of a very engaging and handsome man. Rockin' my short dress, tights and boots and feeling like I had some "game," I expected to continue our banter on the other side of TSA.”

“Unfortunately, the look on the gentleman's face when I slipped off my boots to expose my ugly pair of white ‘man socks’ put an end to that idea. He was gone in a flash and I was left feeling embarrassed and not quite as cool as I thought I was a few minutes earlier. During the flight I wondered ‘why a gal can’t have a stylish, quality tight combined with the comfort of a sock, all in one?’ By the time the plane landed, the idea for Socktights was taking off.”

After this encounter, the idea of tights with a sock attached immediately headed to the top of her "to do" list.

Socktights, and the sister product Bootights, look like a good product for men.

Firstly look at the size chart and check the generous sizing options available.

Secondly, as already described, these are tights with a sock attached. Many are likely to be wearing their tights with boots and this will provide an additional layer of durability. With shoes, the opaque styles will appear as socks with the tights part less visible - an advantage for guys who wish to wear tights stealthily.

Of course the attached sock will provide extra comfort and cushioning also.

Socktights provide further benefits for the feet:

  • The arch support hugs the foot for added compression
  • The moisture-wicking yarns keep feet cool and dry
  • A mesh ventilation zone helps feet to breathe
  • The float toe seam prevents annoying "tight toe"

There are currently eight styles of opaque Bootights available:

And there are three styles of Socktights

Socktights have a slightly different feature - an attached footliner sock to keep feet comfortable.

Our picks from the range are:

The 201 Core Essential Tights that come in Jet and Heather shades.

The Madison Sheer Rib Tights available in the Jet shade.

The Draper Herringbone Tights that come in a mixed Jet/Heather shade.

We hope to publish a Socktights product review soon. Stay tuned!

You can connect with Socktights on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

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