Thursday, 30 November 2017

Reviewed: Andrea Bucci Extra Wide Comfort Top Opaque Knee Highs

Andrea Bucci is a new hosiery brand to Hosiery For Men. But our friends at UK Tights (one of our recommended retailers) suggested that we might want to try some of their tights and hold ups.

We first received a pair of the Andrea Bucci Extra Wide Comfort Top Opaque Knee Highs to trial and review for Hosiery For Men readers.


The knee highs are packaged simply. They are wrapped around a plain card rectangle, enclosed in a two-sided card that provides all the product images and information, and then housed in a clear plastic sleeve.

Material and features

UK Tights describe these knee highs as follows:

"Andrea Bucci's essentials are always well designed and perfectly made, and these are no different. with a very thick and cozy 60 denier and an extra wide comfort top, these knee highs are thick and warm, but not constraining. If you want something that leaves the rest of your legs free but you hate your toes being cold, then look no further!"
They are 60 denier opaque knee highs made from 95% Nylon and 5% Elastane.

The yarn is noticeably smooth and soft to the touch.

These knee highs have really impressive stretch. They accommodated my feet and calves with ease, and stretched all the way to the knee comfortably. Opacity remained even and there was no need to over-stretch to get a good fit.

They have a slight sheen when caught in the light. Opacity is very good, but without an absolutely total blackout effect.

The knee highs have a 2cm elasticated cuff, and below this there is a 4.5cm support band. This is the 'Extra Wide Comfort Top' that aims to provide additional comfort and support.

Toes are not reinforced.

Fit and sizing

The Andrea Bucci Extra Wide Comfort Top Opaque Knee Highs are available in One Size only.

The packaging indicates that the One Size fits "4-8". I assume this refers to show sizing. This was slightly worrying when we received them but any anxieties about getting a good fit (I am shoe size 10.5/44-45) was misplaced.

Fit was really excellent, as detailed above.

The 'Extra Wide Comfort Top' is extremely effectively designed and enables the knee highs to stay up and stay in pace without any constriction or discomfort.

The overall wearing experience was really good. These knee highs feel comfortable on the skin and even provide a light feeling of compression.

Colour range

The Andrea Bucci Extra Wide Comfort Top Opaque Knee Highs knee highs are available in two shades: Black and Natural.

We trialled them in the Black colour.


The Andrea Bucci Extra Wide Comfort Top Opaque Knee Highs retail for £2.99. This is a real bargain.


These Andrea Bucci knee highs are great quality and fantastic value at just £2.99.

The material is good quality and the "Extra Wide Comfort Top" does exactly what it sets out to to - enhance the comfort and fit.


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