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Reviewed: The Thirty Tights by Heist

We have featured Heist tights regularly at Hosiery For Men.

We have reviewed Heist's THE EIGHTY 80 Denier Opaque Tights as well as the THE FIFTY 50 Denier Opaque Tights.

Earlier this month we brought you news of the launch of the new Heist+ range.

Heist are a brand that seem to be continually innovating, not just the tights but also the packaging they presented in.

They recently launched a completely new style of packaging, that is completely unique to the hosiery world.

To show Hosiery For Men readers what the new packaging design was like Heist sent us a pair of their THE THIRTY tights.

Remember - Heist tights are for everyone

Heist have taken a gender inclusive approach to marketing tights, which perhaps reflects that 10% of Heist's customers identify as male.

Heist state in their marketing concept:


New packaging

THE THIRTY tights arrived in the completely new slim, dusky pink box.

The design is cool and classy, as well as being practical and functional.

On opening the box, we can see how the contents are organised. And there is something else new here - a cotton bag with a drawstring to store your Heist tights. What a great idea for organising hosiery as well as for travel.

Behind the bag is a jet black paper envelope, in which the Heist tights are stored wrapped around a rectangular information card.

The card provides information about the Heist brand, instructions on how to put the tights on as well as care for them properly.

Everything is so well thought through and designed - is this the coolest hosiery packaging ever?

The packaging also does away with the traditional picture of a female model wearing the tights. This might also be another step forward for gender neutral packaging.

Heist developed the slogan "Tights Reimagined" - well the new packaging shows that they are committed to reimagining and reconceptualising everything about hosiery.

Material and features

THE THIRTY are sheer 30 denier tights made with 75% Polyamide and 25% Elastane.

Like all the other Heist styles we have reviewed, the yarn is amazingly soft to the touch and the tights super stretchy.

Key features, similar to other heist tights, are:

5K spiral yarn: Heist use a double-covered yarn that has 10 times the spiral count of regular tights. Making them ten times softer to the touch and gentler against the skin. That's where the soft feel comes from.

Endless waistband: The waistband is designed so it won’t roll, slip or dig in. You can choose between two heights: Low, to sit on your hips, or High, to hug your waist.

The waistband is knitted on a separate machine to create a seamless band and then hand-sewn onto the body of the tights using a light cotton thread.

I chose the high waistband which has a depth of 17.5cm. It is made of a much denser fabric with a very high level of elasticity.

Seamless design and 3D knit: Heist tights are knitted in a single, seamless tube, from toe to toe, using a 3D knit that eliminates unsightly lines and creates an even look to the colour of the tights.

Invisible toe seams: Without compromising the strength of the toe area, our toe seams are hidden — tucked under the ridge of the toes, for comfort and finish.

Fit and sizing

THE THIRTY tights are available in four sizes:

UK 4; EU 32-34
UK 6-8; EU 36-38
UK 10; EU 40
UK 12-14; EU 42-44

The size chart below also shows US sizing.

Note that the larger Heist+ sizes from 16-24 are not available for THE THIRTY, but only for THE FIFTY and THE EIGHTY tights.

For THE THIRTY I trialled the high waist WAIST version in the UK 12-14 size.

Well you can feel the quality of these tights as you carefully put them on. At the price they sell for you need to make sure you have your nails trimmed or wear hosiery gloves.

Once on they will stay up and stay in place until you take them off again, which I doubt you will want to as they are so, so comfortable.

Appearance is semi-opaque/semi-sheer and looks mainly matt on the leg with little shine.

In the high waist version, the waistband will come well over the waist and hips if you want it to and sits, as expected, quite high. It will even fit snugly on your abdomen - indeed, you can adjust it so it fits just as you like it.

The waistband is extremely comfortable and does not dig in or construct at all. It takes on your shape and will move with you as you move.

Once again, an exceptional wearing experience from a pair of Heist tights. THE THIRTY tights are just as great to wear as THE FIFTY and THE EIGHTY.

Colour range

THE THIRTY tights are available in the Jet Black shade - a rich, dark and even black colour.

Price and availability

THE THIRTY tights retail for £26.00 for the low waist version, and £30.00 with the high waist.

Heist offer free worldwide shipping if you purchase three or more pairs.

Remember that also offer a #FirstPairPromise to all new Heist customers. This means that if the tights don't feel perfect, they will happily exchange them within 28 days of purchase for a different size - or if you simply don’t like them you can request a full refund.


We have said it before and we will say it again here - if you pay more for your hosiery you will get better quality and will enjoy wearing what you buy more.

Heist tights are a premium product and the price takes into account the quality of the materials, the manufacture and the time spent on research and development to bring to market some of the best tights you can now buy.

THE THIRTY tights impress on every level. Your legs will love how they feel, I guarantee that.

I can also state with confidence that THE THIRTY provide size options that work well for both genders. But if you are significantly taller or larger then go for the Heist+ range that extend to heights of 6'4".

If you would like to read a second opinion from a male perspective, check the review published a few months ago on the i love hosiery blog.

We confidently give THE THIRTY get a very strong recommendation.

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