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Introducing Sabrina’s Hosiery Boutique

We love to feature new and developing hosiery businesses on the Hosiery For Men blog.

We hope that in doing so it provides visibility for entrepreneurs who are really passionate about their business.

Passionate and committed are words that you would use to describe Sabrina Carter, the owner of Sabrina's Hosiery Boutique, and inline hosiery store based in the USA.

We recently spoke to Sabrina. We hope you enjoy our interview with her.

Can you tell Hosiery For Men readers something about Sabrina’s Hosiery Boutique

Well, I started off in this business for two reasons. First of all, I love great quality hosiery and second I had a bad experience from a seller on eBay who I used to buy from a lot. The person was very rude and I did not agree with the way he treated me. I thought if I ran a business I would treat all customers with respect and try my best to get them what they want.

When did the business start? 

I opened in 2016. It has been a very slow year for me. I cannot carry all the styles I want because my sales are not at a point I can order all the styles in. I hope this article helps boost my business so I can carry a wider variety for my clients.

What is the main concept behind the boutique

To bring quality European hosiery to customers in the US who may have never tried them. Women in the US have pretty much given up on pantyhose. Ever since the 90’s they have worn them less and less. American hosiery isn’t the best quality.

I discovered European hosiery quite by accident, I was reading an article in the late 1990’s in Cosmo and there was this model and her legs looked stunning, at the end of the article it said she was wearing Wolford. I tried them, and I loved them. I thought if all pantyhose looked and felt this good, women would start wearing them again. I started trying other European brands, and through trial and error I have my favorites. Which I am lucky enough to sell 4 out of the 5 brands in my store!

The website says that you focus on European hosiery brands. Can you tell us more about the current range of tights and pantyhose brands available at Sabrina’s Hosiery Boutique?

I began wearing European hosiery well over a decade ago. I mainly shopped online as most were not available in the US in stores at the time. I loved them, the fit, the quality, and the appearance are light years ahead of American hosiery manufacturing. At present I carry Oroblu, Trasparenze, Cecilia de Rafael and Gio.

I some day hope to be successful enough to carry Wolford as well. I like carrying hosiery that will not only make a person look good but feel good as well. I don’t get that feeling from opening up a crumpled pair of L'eggs.

There is always quite a lot of media interest in the subject of tights for men. What are your thoughts about the greater visibility of men buying and wearing tights? 

I am for it. In fact the majority of my customers are male at the moment. Here in the US more men wear pantyhose than women which is why I try my best to always have the larger sizes in stock. I sell my large and extra large sizes at a rate of 10-1 over smalls and mediums.

If men shopping at my site have a question I do my best to answer them quickly and with respect. I am not going to make a client feel bad because society thinks you should not do this. The way I see it women wear mens clothes every day, calling them “women’s jeans” makes it okay in society. Men should be able to wear hosiery too in the same way.

Do you have many male customers? 

I do, dozens of them, and I love having them shop with me. I stock mainly the larger sizes and try to have them in all colors so that my male customers have a choice. I always try to carry what they ask for, and will special order tights for them that they want to try.

What are male customers buying? 

The male customers are mainly buying the Cecilia de Rafael Zafiro opaques and the Cecilia de Rafael Malaga ultra sheer.

My female customers usually buy the Oroblu. Gio is split about 50/50.

Some men love wearing stockings and I have the best price on Fully Fashioned at the moment, even less than Gio’s actual website as of this morning. I carry many of the tall and extra tall sizes for men though in every brand so I hope they try something different.

To men thinking about trying tights, what would you say are the main benefits of wearing them? 

Well, since winter is coming, warmth comes to mind. That is why I have been selling a lot of opaques. Tights are also very stylish.

From the current range in stock, what tights and pantyhose do you recommend to men this autumn/winter season?

Well, you can’t go wrong with any of them. The Cecilia de Rafael Zafiro is always a good bet.

However, I also carry several sheer styles that are perfect for the colder weather too, like my Oroblu Club 20 and Trasparenze Oleandro. The Trasparenze I have in stock in almost every color too so I can match any outfit and skin tone!

What are you planning for the future at Sabrina’s Hosiery Boutique

Well, my goal (and being a small shop I have yet to reach it) is to be able to carry more brands, such as Wolford, so that my clients have more choices available. I wish we still lived in an age where having a brick and mortar store was feasible because I would love to be able to sell hosiery full time!

I would love to expand my Oroblu and Cecilia de Rafael lines as well, but in order to do this I need more sales so I can order more products. It will be a long road, but hopefully in the end a rewarding one. My competition on eBay sells about 700 pair a month, I would love to reach those numbers and be able to stock more of what all my clients want, especially my 

male clients. Don’t be afraid to shop with me, I am 100 per cent for you being able to wear what you love!

Thanks for speaking to Hosiery For Men Sabrina. We hope readers will check out your hosiery store.

You can connect to Sabrina's Hosiery Boutique on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and also visit the boutique here.

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