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Reviewed: Sheer Chemistry "Confidence" 15 Denier Matt Control Tights

Sheer Chemistry is a hosiery brand that celebrates the "diverse beauty of women of all shades of brown". They offer tights in five shades to match different skin tones.

This summer we attended the launch in London of the Sheer Chemistry brand.

There are three styles of tights in the Sheer Chemistry range:

  • 10 Denier "Radiance" Gloss Tights
  • 15 Denier "Ambition" Matt Tights
  • 15 Denier "Confidence" Matt Control Tights

We have already published a review of the 15 Denier "Ambition" Matt Tights.

We now focus on the 15 Denier "Confidence" Matt Control Tights.


The 15 Denier "Confidence" Matt Control Tights are conventionally packaged. But check the very cool watercolour illustration which communicates the vibe that this brand aims to project.

The tights are folded around a plain card rectangle and then housed in a clear cellophane sleeve. Everything is then enclosed in the robust card envelope.

Material and features

The Sheer Chemistry 15 Denier "Confidence" Matt Control Tights are made in Italy, and that is nearly always a sign of quality. Sure there are excellent products being made in China and elsewhere now, but when a brand does its research and then chooses Italian products, you can be sure they are going for the best.

Sheer Chemistry describe the "Confidence" tights as follows:

Confidence is the new sexy.

Got body? Show your curves some love with tights designed with sculpted panels to smooth your waist, lift your bum and tone your thighs. The ultimate confidence boost made to accentuate and flatter your curvaceous body.

In describing the "Confidence" tights one has to focus on two different, but linked, aspects: the leg and the control brief.

The legs are made from 81% Polyamide, 18% Elastane, 1% Cotton. They have a delightfully smooth, silky feel. There is a sheer toe with no reinforcement.

The control top brief is one of the best constructed we have seen. It's really quite a substantial and carefully engineered brief made from a dense, stretchy opaque yarn that is designed to sculpt and shape. These tights are not sheer to waist, and the brief extends towards the top of the thigh. When worn this has the appearance of an opaque short.

The rear of the control top brief has two stretchy panels that are designed to lift and shape the buttocks. The XL size that I trialled has a back panel gusset.

Seams are flat and engineered well.

The waistband is 4cm wide and super comfortable.

Sizing, fit and wearing experience

The Sheer Chemistry 15 Denier "Confidence" Matt Control Tights are available in four sizes: S, M, L and XL.

I trialled the XL size.

The Elastane/Lycra provides a lovely close fit on the leg. It's a real second skin feeling, just like our impression of the Ambition tights. Although these are designed to be matt tights, I found that there is a slight shine. The smooth feel provides a good glide under trousers.

The control top brief is deep and stretchy and is actually really comfortable once you get it into position. It sits over the waist and hips, and holds you in without any constriction or discomfort. I actually liked the sensation - it feels like your waist and buttocks are being given a hug!

Although this control top is clearly designed with women wearers in mind, I found it didn't provide any discomfort as far an the male anatomy was concerned.

What worked even better in the XL size was to turn the tights round so that the rear comfort gusset is at the front. That way everything but supported perfectly!

Colour range

The Sheer Chemistry 15 Denier "Confidence" Matt Control Tights are available in five shades. Each shade aims to evoke the mood of a place.

Havana Glow

Rio Romance

New York Soul

Nairobi Sunrise

Parisian Dream

I trialled the tights in the Havana Glow shade.

This shade was actually perfect for my skin tone.

Price and availability

The Sheer Chemistry 15 Denier "Confidence" Matt Control Tights are priced at £12.00.

They can be purchased directly through the Sheer Chemistry website.


The 15 Denier "Confidence" Matt Control Tights are another quality product from Sheer Chemistry.

The features I really liked in this style are:

  • The amazing, soft and smooth feeling they provide for the legs
  • The great fit
  • The super comfortable waistband. 
Recommended if you are looking for a sheer, control top style.

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