Monday, 4 December 2017

Three new styles of men's tights from Comfort4Men

In October we brought you news that Comfort4Men had launched two new styles of men's tights: the 50 Denier "Colour Gradient" Tights and the 60 Denier "Geometric Pattern Tights".

Comfort4Men men's tights are made in Germany to the very highest standards. They are a high quality product specifically designed to provide an excellent fit and level of comfort for the male anatomy. 

Comfort4Men have now added three further new styles to their extensive range!

C441M Comfort4Men 50 Denier Cashmere and Viscose Tights

These are matt semi-opaque tights that come in the Graphit shade with a fly opening and a high waist.


C440M Comfort4Men 40 Denier Baroque Pattern Tights

These are matt semi-opaque tights that come in the Black shade with a fly opening and a high waist.

C439M Comfort4Men 50 Denier Woven Pattern Tights

These are matt semi-opaque tights that come in the Black shade with a fly opening and a high waist.

There is an introductory pre-Christmas Advent offer for these new styles. From 3 to 10 December 2007 there is a discount of 10%

For more information check the Comfort4Men website: or send them an email: Make sure you mention the Hosiery For Men blog.


  1. I’m frustrated by this industry. The brands (or is it just the retailers?) seem to claim that men are a big part of their clients. Yet the marketing is nonexistent.
    Wolford have a unisex section on their website (thanks to our blog host?) but have no male models. My wife and I received a coupon after answering a survey for them and I used the opportunity to address my thoughts to them by email. The answer was not personalized at all and only mentioned that my suggestions had been forwarded to the required department. My conclusion is that they don’t care. They care about the amount of sales that it represents, but not the image of their customers. Wolford is a very chic brand, and could totally promote a hosiery related fashion that would be fashionable and classy, using ripped jeans, classic cut Bermuda shorts, and what more. One male barely appeared on a promotional video of theirs and that’s it. Unlike our blog host who apparently is all for the opaques, I feel the 20-40 den are much better looking and look great on male legs. Yet, I still haven’t overcome society’s clich√© to wear them in public. Most available content on male hosiery is about fetish and cross-dressing, and that doesn’t represent me at all. Brands must step in if they really care.
    Even comfort4men, which this article is about, doesn’t promote their products on real live models!! A dummy and a cheap 3D computer image is all we’ve got. Am I missing something? Is it a matter of cost? I thought the business was huge?!
    I suppose Adrian are trying a bit more. But Wolford and their unisex section is not honest, just a commercial trick. Heist seem to have changed their angle too. Looks like the new “I see your legs” are the bravest ones with their lifestyle models section and unisex packaging. But they are small compared to the German (where is Falke??) and Austrian giants that provide the best products…

    1. Hello you legwear lover

      Thank you for your inspiring comment. We can see and feel through your words

      I will reply to your email

      best regards,

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  3. Dear Anonymous. Thanks for your detailed comments and points made. It's good to discuss these issues. You raise some important points about brands and their marketing strategies, and to what extent male customers are included.

    My assessment of this is that the picture is mixed but there has been some progress, although perhaps not as much as you yourself hope for.

    The positives are we are seeing the emergence of a genuinely gender-neutral, unisex brand in I SEE YOUR LEGS who are now using guys in their marketing images and strategies. I know for a fact that this is leading to increases in purchases from male customers.

    We also have Adrian and Glamory who have specific products for men.

    Progress has been made with Wolford. I don't think that is a "commercial trick". I assisted them to create the unisex section of their website and I believe that was a great step forward with such a mainstream and prestigious hosiery brand.

    I don't see that this things will necessarily as fast as you might like. This is a long-term project and some things are not going to change overnight. Blogs like this help and the dialogue it enables with retailers and brands is part of that process.

    We are definitely in a better place with this than we were say ten years ago.