Tuesday, 2 January 2018

New tights launched by I SEE YOUR LEGS

Last year we featured the new gender-neutral hosiery brand from Denmark I SEE YOUR LEGS.

We have already reviewed the I SEE YOUR LEGS Classic 20 Denier Tights, which come in the signature innovative GOLDEN BAG packaging.

Since our review was published a new Maxi/Size 5 for these tights has been launched, and we will provide an updated assessment of them this week. Stay tuned!

I SEE YOUR LEGS have kicked off 2018 with a number of new styles of tights.

30 Denier Seamless Tights

These are 30 denier seamless tights with a sheer body and a super-comfort 10cm wide waistband. Available in four sizes and Black and Nude shades. They retail at They are priced at €25.00

70 Denier Colourful Tights

These are 70 denier tights with a sheer body and a 2.5cm waistband. Available in five sizes and three shades: Indigo, Pink and Red. Price: €20.00

70 Denier Black Opaque Tights

These are 70 denier black opaque tights with flat seams and a 2.5cm wide waistband.

Available in five sizes. the MAXI/Size 5 has a rear comfort panel. They are priced at €20.00.

The marketing images for the new 70 Denier Black Opaque Tights show that I SEE YOUR LEGS is committed to its gender inclusive approach. They aim to be a leqwear brand for all genders, ages, sizes and skin colours to suit all lifestyles.

Come on guys - get behind this brand!


  1. This is outstanding, great to see products of this quality being targeted at an important market sector. Looking forward to reading the review and perhaps then splashing out for a few pairs.

  2. Thank you for your support and kind words, George. Your words mean the world to us

    We look forward to seeing you online


  3. Firstly i would like to congratulate "I See Your Legs" for being a gender-neutral company... Truly extraordinary...

    the seamless tights look absolutely magnificent... So good to see seamless that is 30 denier in nude shade with a invisible toe... There is nothing like the comfort of seamless tights..

    Take Care


  4. Good to know that male customers are really welcome.
    The available color range reminds on the Gerbe men's tights collection.
    I hope to see more colors in the future.
    Good job I SEE YOUR LEGS, continue like that.

  5. Great style now men can wear tights

  6. Love seamless tights, only issue is getting someone to make them in bigger sizing. I have had to resort to Chinese tights, actually have found a great seamless pair. I love the fact you carry the classic in bigger sizing for us not so much models, now if we can get the seamless on the same page.
    Thanks great products!!