Monday, 26 November 2018

Introducing the Wolford Cradle to Cradle® Collection

Wolford have announced a new collection that aims to tackle pollution and promote sustainability in fashion.

In their new Cradle to Cradle® Collection, Wolford are creating biodegradable skin-wear Aurora products that have required extensive research on colorants and textile chemicals, to ensure that they have a safe biological lifecycle.

The new styles created as part of the collection use premium stretch yarn belonging to the Roica Eco-Smart family by Asahi Kasei, which is awarded Cradle2Cradle Material Health Gold Level Certificate and Hohenstein Environment compatibility certification.

In addition to premium stretch yarn from Roica Eco-Smart family, the Aurora pieces are made using two other responsible fibres, Lenzing Modal a cellulosic fibre derived from sustainable forestry, and infinito by Lauffenmühle, a specially modified oil based biodegradable polymer.

After the life cycle of the product from the collection has naturally come to an end, it can be returned to a Wolford store. In return you will receive a 10% discount on the next Cradle to Cradle® product.

Wolford will take the item to an industrial composting station and the Aurora products will begin a new life as nutrients for our planet, such as humus and bio gas.

Two Aurora products are now available.

The Wolford Aurora Leggings

and the Wolford Aurora Pullover.

We are really excited about these products as Wolford are sending them to us to feature and review on Hosiery For Men. They should be arriving soon!

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