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Reviewed: 50 Denier 201 Core Essential Control Top Tights By Socktights

Socktights is the hosiery brand with a difference: tights with a sock attached.

You can read our profile on Socktights and founder Shelby Mason here. Socktights is the new brand name for Bootights.

We previously reviewed the Darbys Knee-Hi Boot Socks and the Draper 50 Denier Herringbone Tights by Socktights.

We now switch our focus to the Socktights 50 Denier 201 Core Essential Control Top Tights.

Shelby Mason, the founder of Bootights, explains the unique concept behind this brand:

"I created Bootights because regular thin tights never felt quite right in my boots. Attaching a cushioned comfy sock is the best of both worlds. Problem solved!"


The Socktights 50 Denier 201 Core Essential Control Top Tights are packaged in the same way as the Draper 50 Denier Herringbone Tights that we previously reviewed.

The tights are folded into a simple card clasp. The packaging provides a range of product information, including:

  • Advice on removal from the packaging 
  • Sizing information 
  • Wearing tips 
  • Detailed product information 
  • The tights have a rectangular cardboard insert inside, which needs to be carefully removed.

Materials and features

The Socktights 50 Denier 201 Core Essential Control Top Tights are premium tights with a control top, attached to a performance sock.

Socktights creator Shelby Mason provides more information on this style in a very informative video.

This review will describe the three different elements of the tights: The control top (brief), the leg and the performance ankle sock.

Control top

The control top is jet black. It is denser and more opaque than the leg, and you can see a clear demarcation.

Seams are conventional rather than flat. There is a cotton gusset.

The brief aims to provide tummy control.

The waistband is 4cm wide and is described as "non-roll"


The leg is described as a "premium smoothing tight".

This section is made from 87% Nylon and 13% Spandex. The yarn has a velvety softness, giving the tights and lovely feeling on the skin.

Performance ankle sock

The socks are attached to the tights leg. The stitching is very well executed and you can be sure that they won't come detached.

The sock is they key feature of Bootights. It is all designed with comfort and cushioning in mind. The main features of the sock are:

  • Sculpted cushioning in the toe and heel where it is needed most 
  • Moisture wicking fibres to keep feet cool and dry 
  • Compression arch support to hug the feet for a contoured fit 
  • A strategically placed mesh ventilation zone where the sock sits on the instep to provide additional breathability
  • Flat toe seam

Sizing, fit and wearing experience

The Socktights 50 Denier 201 Core Essential Control Top Tights are available in four sizes: 
A, B, C, D, E and F.

We trialled these tights in size D.

As with the Draper 50 Denier Herringbone Tights you need to take some care putting these tights on, but they do go on easily once you have the sock in place..

You tell which way round they need to be from the position of the heel. It takes a little time to get the sock into position and rolled over the foot, and then you must carefully pull and shape the tights onto the leg.

Although my shoe size is UK 10 1/2, the sock stretched out perfectly without straining the yarn. They are meant to fit up to UK size 8, but in my experience they will easily fit a larger foot.

The sock is extremely comfortable. I found it kept my feet warm and cosy, but without sweatiness.

The best feature for me was that there was no sliding inside my boots. One of the other advantages is of course that the tights are much less likely to run or ladder.

The fit of the tight on the leg was really wonderful. Soft to the touch, with the Spandex smoothing over any bumps. Although just 50 denier, opacity was very dense with even coverage.

The control top/brief is very stretchy and you can fit it well above the navel if required. In appearance the brief looks like a conventional 50 denier black opaque tight. The brief, although designed to "control" is actually quite light in compression. There is certainly no constriction or tightness on the lower belly.

Overall it was a great wearing experience. These tights feel great.

Colour range

The Socktights 50 Denier 201 Core Essential Control Top Tights are available in two colours: Jet and Heather.

Price and availability

The Socktights 50 Denier 201 Core Essential Control Top Tights are priced at $28.00.

They can be purchased directly from the Socktights website.

The website also allows you to search for local retailers and stockists.


This is our third Socktights product review. Both styles of tights and the Darbys Knee-Hi Boot Socks have impressed us for the high quality design, performance and overall wearing experience.

Most of us guys will be wearing boots at this time of year. I wear them almost every day in autumn and winter, and the Socktights 50 Denier 201 Core Essential Control Top Tights are simple the perfect product for pairing with them.


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