Sunday, 9 December 2018

Just arrived from Wolford: Individual 10 Tights

We are continuing to showcase all the great products that Wolford have recently sent us.

Today we feature the Wolford Individual 10 Tights.

Wolford describe these as:

Comfortably soft: These tights feature double-entwined elastane that stretches with every movement. The reinforced panty section provides optimal comfort even in larger sizes, and the soft waistband guarantees a perfect fit.

Almost invisible toe reinforcement (Shadow Toe)
Cotton gusset
An all-rounder for different occasions.

Thanks to Wolford we have been sent these in two sizes: XL and XXL.

We know lots of you guys like tights in larger sizes that will fit bigger figures, so we are flagging up the size options on this product.


  1. One more nice surprise out of the Wolford box.
    I like them, perfect tights for the summertime, good color selection to match skin tone.
    Question, is the Pure 10 also contained in the Wolford wonder box?
    In comparison with Individual 10 the Pure 10 is the newer style with glued seams (more flat) and denser Brief section.
    I personally rate the Pure a little higher than the Individual 10,very comfortable to wear.

  2. Thanks for the comments Anonymous. Yes, they are light and quite airy. I have just given them a first wear and the photos will go on Instagram and Twitter. They are quite stretchy and the Elastane gives them a real second skin fit.

    No, there are no Pure 10 in the box. I have already reviewed them. Wolford wanted me to try styles I haven't already covered. I really liked the Pure 10, especially the brief which was very comfortable.