Wednesday, 12 December 2018

Reviewed: Almost Opaque Tights by Carra Hosiery

Last year we brought Hosiery For men readers news about CARRA Hosiery, a new hosiery brand with a unique feature: a built-in panty.

You can still read our feature and interview with CARRA Hosiery CEO Christi Hairston.

CARRA Hosiery sent us the Almost Opaque Tights to review.


The CARRA Hosiery Almost Opaque Tights are very nicely packaged. The tights are folded around a rectangular white card, which is then enclosed inside a polystyrene bag. The wrapped tights are then housed in a study card box.

The box provides detailed more detailed information on the tights as well as sizing information.

Material and features

The CARRA Hosiery Almost Opaque Tights are 16 denier tights. You could describe them as verging on semi-opaque in appearance, or as the product information says, "not quite opaque".

The yarn is 90% Nylon and 10% Spandex. The fabric is described as 'run-resistant" and has an antimicrobial wash applied to keep skin dry, fresh and keep bacteria under control.

A key feature is the built-in "French lace bikini with moisture wicking gusset".

The yarn is noticeably soft to the touch and very stretchy.

The brief is quite deep: 29cm from gusset to waistband. The waistband itself is 3cm wide.

The "built in French lace panty" is (as can be seen above) darker than the leg and the pattern can only really be seen in full when worn. The "French lace panty" is really the design on the panty/brief part of the tights. You can choose to wear the tights with or without underwear.

Toes are very lightly reinforced.

Sizing, fit and wearing experience

The CARRA Hosiery Almost Opaque Tights are available in four sizes: Small, medium, Large and X Large.

We trialled them in the X Large size.

When I removed the tights from the packaging I was slightly worried as they looked very small for X Large. But my word, these tights really have amazing stretch.

Once I got them on, my first thought was: "this is a perfect fit!" My second thought was: "Oh wow, they feel so good!".

As described above, the tights are incredibly soft. The Spandex content in the yarn enables a close, second skin fit on the leg.

The brief/panty was also equally stretchy, and sat comfortable above the waist.

These tights stay in place well and need little adjusting throughout the day.

Colour range

The CARRA Hosiery Almost Opaque Tights look black in publicity images and also when you take them out of the packaging.

However when worn they look to me more like a dark charcoal colour, or what European hosiery brands often call Almost Black or Anthracite.

Price and availability

The CARRA Hosiery Almost Opaque Tights are made in the USA and CARRA is a USA brand. They are therefore priced in US dollars. They are currently priced at $15.99.


As a guy I wasn't completely sure about wearing tights with a built-in "French lace panty" but I will assess them essentially on two key factors: Fit and the feel/wearing experience.

On both counts the CARRA Hosiery Almost Opaque Tights score highly. Fit was really excellent and the tights do feel quite amazing to wear. They have this amazing softness and second skin feel that is a bit addictive. You want to put them on again to get that sensation you first experienced the first time you tried them.

Most guys will wear these under trousers or shorts, so the French lace panty won't be seen. With or without underwear you will enjoy these.



  1. Great review... They look outstanding...
    I like the look of the "French lace panty"...
    A massive positive is that they are designed to be worn without underwear...
    I wish that the postage to the UK was lower..Or even better available over here...
    Love to try a pair..

  2. Every day new surprises.
    Sounds to me that manufacturer have decided that men need better legwear or combinations of leg & body wear.
    And, interesting, all is coming from manufactures that were focusing before on women only.
    Looking forward to what is coming next.

  3. IMHO, the tights are overall without underpants or panties not to get any run when wearing them. Oh and cool review. You must have enjoyed wearing them a lot! <3