Tuesday, 22 January 2019

Reviewed: Wolford Trinity Tights

The Wolford Trinity Tights have just been launched by Wolford.

Wolford describe them as follows:

"A brand new fashion statement: A small, knitted pattern playfully extends from the toe right up to the soft waistband of these delicate, matte tights."

Packaging is typical for most Wolford tights.

The tights are folded around a card rectangle that has photos of various Wolford products. The main hinged product information card is then folded over the tights before everything is enclosed in a cellophane envelope.

Material and features

The Wolford Trinity Tights are made from 53% Polyester, 41% Polyamide and 6% Elastane.

The tights feel quite light in weight.

They are knitted with a unique pattern made from darker vertical and horizontal lines. Close inspection reveals its intricacy. The colour I tried was Gobi/Black. Gobi is a dark, creamy sand colour.

The pattern is knitted from the toe right up to the waistband with no demarcation of the brief/body.

It's actually important to make know that these tights have a front and back side. You can identify the back as inside the waistband Wolford have provided a tag.

The rear of the tights has a darker thin black seam that runs from the toe seam, under the foot, up the calf and leg, and then on both sides of the central seam of the rear of the brief to the waistband.

Toes have no reinforcement.

Typically for Wolford the body/brief is commendably deep, with a rise of 28cm from the gusset to the waistband. Seams in the brief are flat throughout. The waistband is 3cm and very soft and stretchy.

The gusset is all black, perfectly engineered and supported by two additional small rectangular reinforcement panels where it joins the inside leg.

Fit, sizing and wearing experience

The Wolford Trinity Tights are available in five sizes: XS, S, M, L and XL.

I wore a pair in the XL size.

Currently the page for the Trinity Tights at the Wolford UK online shop, only shows availability for sizes up to L. If you need the XL size, you may want to enquire when it will be available for purchase.

You must take a bit of care when putting the Trinity Tights on. This is to ensure that the rear leg seam runs along the sole of the foot and up the middle of the rear of your legs.

You just need to get them positioned correctly, and then roll carefully up the leg, adjusting if necessary as you go. They are really quite stretchy and easy to get into position.

Fit was perfect in the XL size. The tights mould to the leg with no bunching or wrinkling.

The brief stretched comfortably over the hips and waist.

In the appearance the tights are not fully opaque. When not worn they are actually quite translucent, but on the leg, they provide semi-opaque coverage. They are matte with no appreciable shine.

The wearing experience was really comfortable. The waistband, although less wide than many Wolford tights, provided good support.

Colour range

The Wolford Trinity Tights are available in a two colours: Black/Black and Gobi/Black.

I trialled them in the Gobi/Black shade.

Price and availability

The Wolford Trinity Tights are priced at £35.00. They can be purchased via the Wolford online shop.


The Wolford Trinity Tights are tights with an attractive, innovative pattern made to Wolford's usual exacting quality standards.

So what do you get for your £35.00?

  • Great fit and comfort, as expected
  • A nice wearing experience. The tights feel good on the leg
  • A design that will certainly get looks and appreciative comments
Recommended. It is hard not to give a recommendation when reviewing Wolford legwear as the quality is always so good.


  1. Great review. The Trinity Mix tights I was looking at are totally different. Even the ash / black ones


  2. Great review. Keep convincing men who need to wear tights, especially the colorful ones. I can't wait to see you in colorful tights in order to review those lovely colors.

  3. Another great review. I guess its time to include also some good looking patterned tights for men. Is the type of shoes the model is wearing an indication that these are tights are also intended for men?

  4. Wolford are happy for any of their products to be worn by men.

  5. I have a pair of these, they look great, the fit and comfort is what you would expect from Wolford. For some fun tights they don't disappoint, I highly recommend