Wednesday, 13 February 2019

Reviewed: Wolford Velvet Sensation Leggings

Wolford sent us a pair of their Velvet Sensation Leggings to review.

These leggings are a footless version of the Wolford Velvet Sensation Tights, which we reviewed in 2016.

Wolford describe the Velvet Sensation Leggings as follows:

"Wonderfully warm: The inside of these double-faced leggings flatters the skin with extra-thin, insulating plush material. The exterior features a fine mesh structure. The gusset-free finish means they can be worn as trousers for different occasions."

Readers may be interested to know that the Velvet Sensations Leggings are one of the hosiery garments that Wolford specifically recommend for men. They are displayed on the webpage where all the Wolford products for men are curated.


Wolford package these leggings in a sliding draw box, similar to the Aurora range we recently reviewed.

The rear of the box provides sizing as well as other product information.

The leggings are folded around a rectangular card with information on other Wolford products. Tissue paper is folded around them before they are packed into rectangular card tray. This then slides into the outer packaging. It is basically as a drawer that can be opened and closed.

Interestingly the Velvet Sensation Tights are packaged more conventionally.

Material and features

The Wolford Velvet Sensation Leggings are made from 88% Polyamide and 12% Elastane. This is a slightly different yarn compared to the Velvet Sensation Tights which are 84% Polyamide and 16% Elastane.

Like the Velvet Sensation Tights they are designed to provide warmth and insulation. This is achieved by the double-sided material. The inside has a soft, plush, insulation fabric which is very soft and comfortable on the skin. The outside of the garment has a "fine mesh structure" that provides completely opaque coverage.

The brief/body has a conventional central seam, with all the stitching on the inside. There is no gusset (a further similarity with the Velvet Sensation Tights). 
However, note that the Wolford Aurora Leggings are, by contrast, completely seamless in the body.

The legs in the Velvet Sensation Leggings are also knitted like tights, with no seam running up the inside leg, as you get in most leggings.

The waistband is 4cm wide (1cm narrower than the Velvet Sensation Tights). The waistband, as is customary, has a Wolford tag sewn onto the inside rear.

At the ankle the leggings have a 1cm wide cuff.

A useful, and probably important thing to remember, is that when you wash these leggings you should not use a fabric softener.

Fit, sizing and wearing experience

The Wolford Velvet Sensation Leggings are are available in five sizes: XS, S, M, L and XL.

I trialled them in the XL size.

It was good to check out the Velvet Sensation Leggings after our recent review of the Wolford Aurora Leggings.

The first observation is that the Velvet Sensation style provide a close fit on the leg, similar to tights.

I mention this first as our review of the Wolford Aurora Leggings in the XL size, found that they came up larger than expected, and provided a looser, relaxed fit.

I raised this with Wolford and they explained that many 'Ready To Wear' Wolford leggings are not made with the circular knit technology used in Wolford tights, and therefore have a looser fit.

However, as mentioned the fit of these Velvet Sensation Leggings are more as you would expect from Wolford opaque tights.

The fit overall was perfect, as you would expect. Perhaps they are less stretchy than most Wolford tights, but once on they really hugs your legs.

The opacity is total and provides a great, smooth and even look.

The brief/body is nice and deep and stretches comfortably above the hips and waist.

The insulating plush material on the inside is soft and comfortable. These leggings provide excellent warmth.

Colour range

The Wolford Velvet Sensation Leggings are available in Black and Anthracite.


We trialled them in the Black shade.

Price and availability

The Wolford Velvet Sensation Leggings are priced at £50.00.


I'm really happy to be broadening the range of products reviewed at Hosiery For Men. This is the second style of Wolford leggings reviewed recently.

The Wolford Velvet Sensation Leggings don't disappoint. The perfect fit and warm insulation make them a versatile garment. They can be worn under pants for warmth and comfort, but will look fine under shorts.

A great product for leisure, walking and hiking, outdoor activities, sports and even as loungewear too.

I recommend that if you buy these, that you go for your normal size in Wolford tights. If buying the Wolford Aurora Leggings, I would suggest going down a size unless you want a loose, relaxed fit.

Look out for our forthcoming review of the Wolford Perfect Fit Leggings.


  1. Did you wear them with pantyhose under the leggings?

  2. Didn't you mention at some point that Wolford was going to make significant changes towards men?? Nothing coming so far....

    1. I have just visited Wolford. Blog report coming soon. I am not in a position reveal specific plans Wolford are making. But I can say that they highly value their male customers, and aim to continue to respond positively to them.

  3. These leggings are so sexy, I am definitely going to gift them to my gf on her birthday this month. Thank you so much for providing me this gift idea!