Friday, 22 March 2019

Are Heist Tights Suitable For Men? New Guidance On Buying Tights Published By Heist

Innovative hosiery and shapewear brand Heist have just published detailed and helpful guidance and frequently asked questions for men who need information and advice on buying Heist tights.

This is a hugely welcome development. A major, high profile hosiery brand is taking a further step to demonstrate their inclusive ethos and values, and affirm that tights and legwear are gender free and can be worn by anyone.

The "Whatever Gender" principle has always been a key part of Heist's marketing.

The new Heist guidance and FAQs for men have been developed in partnership with us at Hosiery For Men, the blogger i love hosiery, and a passionate male fan of Heist tights.

We were really pleased to be asked to collaborate on this.

The FAQs cover a lot of detail and answer a range of queries about Heist tights that men might have, including:

Are Heist tights suitable for men?

As a man, are Heist tights designed to fit me?

Which waistband style do I go for?

I’m 6”4, would Heist tights work for me?

How do I put Heist tights on?

How do Heist tights feel?

Which style of tights should I go for?

To link with the new 
new Heist guidance and FAQs for men we will shortly be publishing updated reviews of the Heist tights range. Stay tuned.

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  1. Congratulation, thank you, one step forward establishing tights as regular legwear for men.
    And, opposite to Wolford, this guidance is visible on Hesit website in section "The Vault".
    I hope that Wolford is also changing their website to display more support for men in buying tights, like a visible link on the Wolford website to your interview and the "what-are-mens-tights-for" page.
    Any news from Wolford regarding to make changes in this direction?