Thursday, 14 March 2019


In our recent MEN BUYING TIGHTS survey we asked this question:

In your experience, are there any hosiery brands that have made an effort to be inclusive in some way towards male customers? Which brands are they and what have they done that has been positive?

This was the opportunity to give feedback to hosiery brands and manufacturers about their ethos, their acknowledgement of and engagement with male customers, and any steps they had taken in the design and development of their products.

One of the clearest comments was:

"Any brand that acknowledges men wear tights and have larger sizing is great."

Men's perception of the inclusivity of hosiery brands will be shaped by a number of things that those brands do, including:

  • Brand ethos and values
  • Social media
  • Marketing
  • Website information
  • Their products 
The brand which really stood out was Wolford.

Lots of respondents to the survey gave Wolford a mention as a brand that has notably made an effort to be more inclusive. Key feedback points are:

  • The wide range of sizes available in Wolford tights and leggings 
  • Marketing products as unisex 
  • Having a page on the Wolford online store where specific products are are identified as suitable for men 
Here are some of the comments that you shared about Wolford:

"For me definitely Wolford. I have bought tights at several local Wolford stores. It was always a surprise how open minded the female sales staff is when you buy for yourself and you ask for specific tights or just a recommendation for new tights to try out.”

"Wolford has a unisex page with six tights and leggings for men. That's a big advantage.”

"Wolford, have been improving their men page.”

"Wolford have a wide range of sizes, including XXL."

“Wolford has made an effort on their website that makes choice and sizing of their products on a pagegeared toward males.”

“Wolford are starting to market their products as unisex, but can do more.”

“Wolford seem to be the leaders, great inclusion work on their website.” 

“Wolford have done a great job, but would like it if they included pictures of men wearing their product suggestions, just helps to remove the stigma.”

“Wolford has a section for men on their website, and offers the same brands for both sexes. There's no need for separate products, and different packaging.” 

“At the moment, Wolford has a men section where they recommend products for men. It doesn't cost much but it means a lot for us.”

“Wolford is the only band I've seen so far that has made a clear effort to targetmale customers with their product.”

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  1. I am look forward to a men's size chart. Not only for wolford, but also other brands. Everytime I tried to buy tights with the back side size chart and it is rarely suitable for me. Even in the same brand, I have to chose different size for different type (sheer or opaque).
    I am thinking if the brands could make a chart for men (mostly not), or we could make a website that people could upload their height, weight and size (for different brands) and also chose if it is too small, big or suitable.
    You know, spending a lot of money but buy a not-fit one is depressing. These are not clothes, we couldn't return or change. So, I think a fitting size chart or size advice is important.
    Just some advice. :)