Saturday, 30 March 2019

Reviewed: Pretty Polly 40 Denier Opaque Bodyshaper Tights

British hosiery brand Pretty Polly sent us a pair of their 40 Denier Opaque Bodyshaper Tights to trial and review.

These tights are part of Pretty Polly's InShape range, a new collection of shaping tights.

Pretty Polly state that "these bodyshaper tights provide a great 40 denier opaque look on leg with medium control to achieve the silhouette you desire."


The Pretty Polly 40 Denier Opaque Bodyshaper Tights are packaged quite conventionally. The tights are folded around a plain white card rectangle and then enclosed in a cellophane sleeve. Everything is then housed in a card envelope.

Material and features

The Pretty Polly 40 Denier Opaque Bodyshaper Tights are 40 denier tights made from 87% Nylon, 12% Elastane and 1% Cotton.

The yarn feels smooth and soft. These tights are quite stretchy.

They are not sheer to waist. The brief is made of denser, more opaque yarn to provide what is described as "medium control". The brief/body is the "body shaper" element.

At the very top of the thigh there is a pattern detail that demarcates the leg from the brief.

Seams are flat. The brief/body has a 3.5cm wide waistband and a cotton gusset.

Toes are not reinforced.

Sizing, fit and wearing experience

The Pretty Polly 40 Denier Opaque Bodyshaper Tights are are available in three sizes: 

  • Small/Medium (S/M)
  • Medium/Large (M/L)
  • Extra Large (XL)

I tested the Extra Large size.

Fit in my size was excellent. The size chart indicates that these Bodyshaper tights will extend to 6'0".

Appearance on the leg is mainly matte with just a slight shine if caught in the light.

Opaque coverage is fairly even, and quite dense for 40 denier tights.

The brief is nice and deep and stretched easily over the waist and hips.
These tights have a control top. I wore them for several hours and it didn't feel constrictive at any point. What it did do was to keep the tights up, and there was no need for any pulling up or adjustment.

Colour range

The Pretty Polly 40 Denier Opaque Bodyshaper Tights are available in Black only.

Price and availability

The Pretty Polly 40 Denier Opaque Bodyshaper Tights are priced at just £12.00. You can buy them directly from Pretty Polly.

You can also purchase them them from other retailers, including UK Tights and Tights Tights Tights (both of which we recommend).


It's good to see Pretty Polly continue to extend their hosiery ranges. We have reviewed many of the tights in the excellent new "premium opaques" range, and the InShape collection is another innovation.

I was quite happy wearing the 40 Denier Opaque Bodyshaper Tights but my preference for a 40 denier tight would be Pretty Polly 40 Denier 3D Opaque Tights, which are a real bargain at just £5.00.

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