Wednesday, 27 March 2019

Updated Mini Review of The Nude Tights by Heist

The Nude tights by Heist


The Nude are 18-denier tights made with luxurious double-covered yarn (88% polyamide, 12% elastane).

Colour range

Available in seven shades of nude.

These shades were created by gathering over 1,000 skin tones submitted by women around the world.

Heist encourage you to choose the shade that you instinctively think suits your skin tone.

Size options

The Nude tights are currently available in four sizes and come in Low and High waistband versions.

Waist 22"-23" / UK size 4

Waist 23"-25" / UK size 6-8

Waist 26"-28" / UK size 10

Waist 29"-32" / UK size 12-14

We will keep you informed when larger sizes become available.


  • Low waistband: £19.00
  • High waistband: £21.00

Fit and wearing experience

I have a pair of The Nude in Heist's previous Extra Large size with a High waistband. This has now been replaced as part of Heist's updated sizing information that uses UK, EU and US dress sizes, along with waist and hoop measurements. Men will find it helpful to identify their correct size by referring to their waist measurement.
Although a full review of The Nude has not been published yet, here is a short summary of our experience when wearing them.
  • Ultra soft and silky to the touch.
  • Transparent, matte appearance with very little shine.
  • Seamless (no centre seam in the brief/body).
  • Perfect fit on the leg with absolutely no bunching or wrinkling. The Nude provides a complete second skin feeling.
  • Super stretchy High waistband that can stretch to sit on and above the waist and navel if required.
  • Really comfortable and sensuous feel when worn.
The version of The Nude that we tried has no gusset. It also does not have the flat stitched support rectangle in the crotch area that both The Fifty and The Eighty have.

Our verdict

For this review I located my pair of The Nude and gave them another wear.

These are up there with the best quality sheer tights you can buy, but that High waistband makes all the difference. It is soft, ultra comfortable and I promise you does not dig in or constrict.

The Nude are recommended if you are a fan of sheer tights and want something special.  These tights feel really good and the overall wearing experience is exceptional.

Like all Heist tights, they will stay up all stay, and will mould themselves to you, moving with as you move about during the day.

They will provide moderate insulation in cool weather. They glide wonderfully under trousers.

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