Friday, 12 April 2019

Just arrived: The Thirty Tights By Heist

Innovative hosiery brand Heist have just sent us another pair of their The Thirty tights.

The Thirty come in Heist's completely redesigned packaging.

This pair of The Thirty is in one of the new larger sizes that Heist recently launched.

We have a pair in this size: Waist 33"-37" / UK size 16-18, High waistband.

The Thirty is now available in six sizes with a choice of Low or High waistband:

Waist: 22"-23" / UK size 4

Waist 23"-25" / UK size 6-8

Waist 26"-28" / UK size 10

Waist 29"-32" / UK size 12-14

Waist 33"-37" / UK size 16-18

Waist 38"-42" / UK size 20-22

We recently published an updated review for The Thirty tights. We will update this again, once we have tried The Thirty in this larger size.

If you check our recently published complete guide for men buying Heist tights, you will see that the way Heist tights are designed means that waist measurements are the most important aspect for men to get right, rather than height measurements. That way you get a great fit.

Make sure you also check Heist's own guidance and frequently asked questions for men.

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