Tuesday, 9 April 2019

Reviewed: Pretty Polly 250 Denier Soft Chevron Opaque Tights

British hosiery brand Pretty Polly sent us a pair of their 250 Denier Soft Chevron Opaque Tights to trial and review.

These tights are a new edition to the excellent "premium opaques" collection.

We have already reviewed the following Pretty Polly "premium opaque" styles:

Pretty Polly 150 Denier Matt 3D Opaque Tights

Pretty Polly 120 Denier Shine Opaque Tights

Pretty Polly 80 Denier 3D Opaque Tights


The Pretty Polly 250 Denier Soft Chevron Opaque Tights are packaged quite simply in a card clasp that enables the the tights to be displayed in a retail setting.

Material and features

The Pretty Polly 250 Denier Soft Chevron Opaque Tights are described as a "chevron 250 denier tight, knitted in a way that gives you a classic design with additional warmth - perfect for everyday wear then the temperatures start to drop."

They are made from 95% Polyamide and 5% Elastane.

These are thick, cosy opaques from Pretty Polly. They are soft and warm to the touch.

Their standout feature is the geometric chevron design on the leg. This extends from the toe to the top of the thigh. The brief/panty is made with a plain opaque yarn.

The brief is deep: 28cm from the top of the waistband to the gusset. Seams are flat throughout, and t
here is a gusset.

A particularly welcome feature is the deep waistband. It is 5cm wide and constructed out of a stretchy, comfortable fabric.

Toes are reinforced.

Sizing, fit and wearing experience

The Pretty Polly 250 Denier Soft Chevron Opaque Tights are available in two sizes:

  • Small/Medium (S/M)
  • Medium/Large (M/L)

I wore the Medium/Large for this review.

The size chart indicates that these tights will extend to a height of 5'10" in the M/L size. This is accurate sizing information: I am 5'10" and I can't see the M/L size working well for anyone much taller. 

However, the fit for me was excellent and the tights did not need to be over-stretched.

These tights feel really soft and warm, and they are a really a very comfortable wear.

As with the rest of the "premium opaques" collection (apart from the 120 Denier 3D Shine opaques), the brief is deep and stretches comfortably over the waist and hips.

Colour range

The Pretty Polly 250 Denier Soft Chevron Opaque Tights are available in Black only.

Price and availability

The Pretty Polly 250 Denier Soft Chevron Opaque Tights are priced at £12.00. You can buy them directly from Pretty Polly.

You can also purchase them them from other retailers, including UK Tights and Tights Tights Tights (both of which we recommend).


Pretty Polly continue to extend their "premium opaques" collection. This range is proving to be a real success in terms of choice and quality.

In addition to the 250 Denier Soft Chevron Opaques, the collection includes 40, 50, 60, 80, 120, 150 and 200 denier tights, as well as 60 denier knee highs.

The emphasis throughout has been improving fit and comfort, as well as making sure that all the premium opaque tights have a gusset as well as flat seams.

Furthermore all the tights in the collection are reasonably priced, making them something of a bargain given the quality.

For me, with this collection growing, Pretty Polly are now probably the most improved British hosiery brand.

If you want some soft, warm and really cosy tights with a great pattern, the 250 Denier Soft Chevron Opaques are recommended.


  1. Why do manufacturers continue to call these sort of tights opaque when you can clearly see through them? I find PP very small on their sizing. Not even following the trend in tights for women. Curvey etc. Good review but not for me. 250d should be total blackout. Even on the heel.

    1. Well it's obvious that some parts of the tights are slightly transparent because of the way the chevron pattern is knitted. Actually if you check what PP are doing you will see that they are on trend, especially in plus sizes. Check out their Curves range: https://www.prettypolly.co.uk/producttypes/Tights/subrange/Pretty-Polly-Curves-Tights. If you check my Pretty Polly reviews you will see that they offer Extra Large in almost all the premium opaques range. I can confirm, from trialling and reviewing, that their sizing options are good and their tights don't come up overall small. If you want a completely opaque tight, try the PP 150 Denier 3D Matt Opaques: https://www.uktights.com/product/6049/pretty-polly-150-denier-3d-matt-tights

  2. Great review! We particularly love this style and their opaque range, which is a best-seller of us season after season.
    Thanks for mentioning us as a recommended retailer!
    UK Tights team