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Updated Mini Review Of The Eighty Tights by Heist

The Eighty tights by Heist

Heist describe The Eighty as:

"Keeps the warm in and the winter out. Nothing gets past our 80 deniers."

The Eighty also "gives softness and warmth, whilst being robust enough for everyday wear."


The Eighty are 80-denier tights made with luxurious double-covered yarn: 92% polyamide, 8% elastane - up to UK size 12-14, and 83% polyamide, 17% elastane in UK size 16-18 upwards (waist 33"-37").

Colour range

The Eighty are available in the Jet Black shade only. 

If you haven't tried Heist's opaque tights before, you will be impressed at the depth of black colour. They really are a very dark, dense black.

Size options

The Eighty tights are currently available in seven sizes:

Waist 22"-23" / UK size 4

Waist 23"-25" / UK size 6-8

Waist 26"-28" / UK size 10

Waist 29"-32" / UK size 12-14

Waist 33"-37" / UK size 16-18

Waist 38"-42" / UK size 20-22

Waist 43"-48" / UK size 24

As with The Fifty, the wide range of size options in The Eighty will be welcomed by men.

As we have written in our complete guide for men buying Heist tights, the way Heist tights are designed means that waist measurements are the most important aspect for men to get right, rather than height measurements.


  • Low waistband: £22.00
  • High waistband: £24.00
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Fit and wearing experience

You can read our original review of The Eighty from January 2017 here. In that review I wore a pair of The Eighty in both Low and High waistbands in Heist's previous (and no longer available) Large size. The yarn in this earlier version was 92% polyamide and 8% elastane.

The original version was seamless, like all Heist tights, with no centre seam in the brief/body. There was no conventional gusset, although in the gusset area there was a rectangular flat-stitched reinforcement to provide strength and flexibility.

In our 2017 review our assessment highlighted these features:
  • Luxuriously soft to touch
  • Dense and even opaque coverage. The Eighty will provide a complete blackout effect on the leg.
  • Matte appearance.
  • The Low waistband version sat low on the hips.
  • The High waistband stretched much higher and hugged the waist.
  • Exceptionally good fit.
We definitely preferred the High waistband version for fit and overall comfort. We still recommend that for men, but some guys may have a personal preference for the Low waistband style.

For this updated April 2019 review, I wore The Eighty tights in the UK 16-18 size - 33"-37" waist. This current version (in my size) has a much higher (17%) elastane content, which makes them even more stretchy and provides a closer fit.

The current version of The Eighty has some significant improvements as well as some changes:

  • The High waistband is even deeper. The current version measures 19cm from the top of the waistband to the seam attached to the body and leg. The 2017 waistband is 4cm shorter. 
  • The stitching that attaches the body to the waistband is slightly wider and executed in a way to provide more strength and durability.
  • The reinforcement stitching in the panel in crotch area is slightly wider, providing more strength, flexibility and durability in this area also.
  • There is no Heist label sewn into the rear of the waistband.
  • The Jet Black colour is even darker and denser.
To complete this updated review I wore the original (2017) pair again to be able to make a comparison with the current version.

But get this: the latest version of The Eighty is even better, if that is possible! They are more stretchy and will comfortably fit a taller person as well as someone less tall such as me (5'10" height). The fit was superb.

The High waistband is also more stretchy and comfortable. The additional depth allows you to position it where you feel it sits best. If you want, it can stretch over the whole waist and abdomen. But if you prefer it to sit lower that is also doable.

The additional elastane allows the tights to mould to your legs. There is no wrinkling at the knee or ankle.

With no central seam in the brief area, you also enjoy more comfort for the male anatomy.

Once you have The Eighty on, and the waistband in your preferred position, you are set. They will stay up and need no adjusting. Your legs will feel warm and insulated on the coldest of days.

One final observation: The Eighty tights feel absolutely luxurious on the leg and to the touch.

Our verdict

Heist's The Eighty opaque tights are our personal favourite from the whole Heist tights collection.

The conclusion we reached in our original review still stands: they are "an exceptional wearing experience."

But the latest version The Eighty is even better. You have a pair of 80 denier opaque tights that provides deep opacity and a wonderful fit. For me, these are simply opaque tights perfection.

I know that Heist are always looking to improve and further develop the specification of each item in the collection. But with this version of The Eighty they have really taken opaque tights to another level.

Any guy who really likes to wear tights should try these.

Highly recommended.


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