Tuesday, 11 June 2019

Activskin A677 Microfabric Support Pantyhose For Men With Fly Now Available

Activskin have just announced that their all-time best selling style of pantyhose/tights for men is now available again.

The A677 Microfabric Support Pantyhose with Fly has been out of stock for a long time as Activskin's US could not get the yarns to make it anymore.

Activskin explain the background further:

"We turned to Adrian in Poland, and they managed to engineer a fabric that is so close to what we had before, that we felt we didn't even need to change the style number. One of our testers told us it was virtually identical to the old A677. Well, we'll just claim that it's very close.

"The biggest and most notable difference is that it has the European flat sewn seams, which is something not done in US made hosiery. It really gives a more comfortable fit, without leaving indentations in the skin after wearing them. And it looks a lot more luxurious, because it is!

"This style of mens pantyhose has a comfortable brief, sheer legs, and just the right amount of compression for casual wear or at work. The leg fabric is a little shiny because of light reflected off the two helical wrappings of nylon filaments, which are wound over the spandex yarns for added protection. As a result the fabric glides well, not only under trousers but also against itself.

"The brief provides support making it perfect for guys who want defense against moisture build-up and just a little bit of control around the abdomen. The fly is not just for convenience; it means added comfort. Instead of squishing your male equipment, the upper and lower fly panel, without a sewn seam between them, forms a very comfortable pouch. You'll be astounded at the difference if you've never tried this kind of fly configuration before. This style features no crotch gusset but has a reinforced toe for added strength and durability, plus a wider waistband, which reduces the tendency to roll."

The pantyhose are made from 80% Nylon and 20% Spandex.

Sizes available are L, XL and XXL.

Colours are Beige and Black, with Tan to be added later.

They are priced at US$18.99. Use the coupon code NEWA677 to take $2 off the price of each pair of A677 in your cart. There is no minimum order, and the discount offer is valiuntil June 30.

Well done Activskin for the excellent promotional images, showing guys wearing the product!

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  1. I'm curious, how do Activskin compression tights compare with Comfort4men compression tights?