Wednesday, 12 June 2019

Hēdoïne Launch A New Website

Luxury hosiery brand Hēdoïne have launched a brand new website, and it's pretty impressive. The site is beautifully designed, there are stunning new photos and navigation is easy.

Hēdoïne claim to offer the world's first ladder-free seamless tights.

On the new site you can now read the story of how 
Hēdoïne founders Alex and Anna created the brand.

Other sections on the website are also fascinating, including the section on "craft", where you can learn more about how 
Hēdoïne are made in Italy, one of the world's leading centres of premium hosiery manufacture.

What makes 
Hēdoïne tights special? Here is a quick summary:
  • They are made with innovative yarns and 3D knitting technology.
  • They are ladder resistant.
  • 20 Denier.
  • Hēdoïne tights have a completely seamless body.
  • Hēdoïne tights mould to your body shape with no sagging, itching, pinching or pressure marks.
  • They have a seamless compression waistband available in low and high versions.
  • Hēdoïne tights are durable and have a reinforced toe for added protection.
There are three styles of tights in the Hēdoïne range:

The Bold - All Black

The Nude - Vivid Champagne, Smoky Whisky and Spicy Praline

The Edgy - Vivid Champagne, Smoky Whisky and Spicy Praline

You can read our recent review of the The Nude tights, in the M- L size.

The great news, especially for guys who are taller and larger and who might want to try 
Hēdoïne tights, is that a new XL - XXL size is now available for all styles in the Hēdoïne range.

The XL - XXL size is suitable for heights over 5'9". Hopefully we can try this size and bring Hosiery For Men readers a further review.

Hēdoïne definitely welcomes male customers. If you have any questions, send them an email at and they will definitely get back to you.

Finally, there is a nice corner of the new website called Musings, which is Hēdoïne's blog. There is an intriguing piece called "Can a man be a Hēdoïne?", which I will leave readers to check out for themselves.

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  1. Your right that is a nicely put together site. A pleasure to use.