Sunday, 16 June 2019

Introducing Garni tights

At Hosiery For Men we like to showcase new and emerging hosiery brands. What often stands out is the passion and commitment that hosiery entrepreneurs show to realise their vision.

A great example of this is Garni, a US-based brand, that has just relaunched their website.

Garni sell "luxurious tights that set your spirit free."

And get this: in the photo shoot for the new website they even had a guy as one of the models! You can spot him on the website if you look around.

Garni currently have three styles of tights that are available in four sizes: S, M, L and XL.

Airspun - 18 denier sheer tights

Ganache - 70 denier opaque tights

Siren - fishnet tights

Stay tuned everyone, because we are shortly going to publish an exclusive interview with Garni founder Elina Tunyan, which covers the inclusive values at the heart of the brand, their embrace of male customers and more!

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  1. Could it be the one with a brush and a moustache?

    So who do I vote for if I want to wear hosiery openly on a daily basis? There is no one with this policy. No fashion police and no style council.