Friday, 7 June 2019

New 20 Denier Men's Support Tights From Comfort4Men

German men's hosiery brand Comfort4Men have just launched another new product: the C445M 20 Denier Men's Support Tights.

They are available in high waist and low waist versions.

Key features are:

  • light support
  • good transport of moisture to the outside 
  • extremely fast drying 
  • light 
  • exceptionally dimensionally stable
  • fine, elegant and yet robust
They are available in two colours, Black and Skin, have a fly opening and the signature Comfort4 Men front gusset.

They are priced at €40.05 (low waist) and €40.95 (high waist). This includes a 10% discount, available until June 16.

High waist


Low waist



  1. I wish she'd show them on men not chrome manakins. You dont get any idea of how they will look on.

    1. Exactly! Cheap marketing....and counter productive. As bad as the drawings from Wolford. Only good marketing was from this Chinese site which is almost useless for us in Europe.

  2. 40-41 euro for the usual nylon tights (nothing special)---just LOL :D
    Good luck with such prices.

    1. Exactly. Way too expensive. At half that price it would still be too much(in my opinion, that is). I would buy 5 pairs for €8 instead. Get good quality at that price too.

  3. I have a few of their products from old, but I have to say that I'm not especially impressed with the cost for a pair of tights where the only discernible difference between them and a 'typical' pair of support tights is the coloured gusset and fly opening. IMHO our money is better spent on quality product from Wolford, Falke, Kunert etc and even brands such as Aristoc and Charnos.