Thursday, 13 June 2019

Reviewed: Aristoc 80 Denier Micro Fibre Knee Highs

Aristoc sent us a pair of their 80 Denier Micro Fibre Knee Highs.

Aristoc describe these knee highs as follows:

"These beautiful soft, Aristoc 80 Denier black knee highs are knitted using smooth microfibre yarns for extreme softness & a velvet-like touch."

They are part of Aristoc's Ultimate Leg Luxury range: a premium opaque collection of tights and knee highs.


The Aristoc 80 Denier Micro Fibre Knee Highs are packaged very simply, with just a basic card clasp.

Materials and features

These knee highs are manufactured in Ukraine. The yarn is 94% Nylon and 6% Elastane.

They looked quite small when removed from the packaging, but the stretch is really impressive.

The feel is really soft and velvety.

The knit is impressive and ensures that opacity is total.

Toes are reinforced.

The cuff is 5cm wide, and with good elasticity. The way it has been sewn onto the sock is a indication of the quality of this garment.

Size, fit and wearing experience

The Aristoc 80 Denier Micro Fibre Knee Highs are ONE SIZE only.

The size chart on the packaging indicates that they fill fit UK show sizes 3-8. Well, my size is 10.5 and surprisingly the fit was excellent.

As mentioned above, the stretch is really good. The fit was perfect without any over-stretching.

In addition to the good fit, the knee highs felt wonderful, with a very smooth and soft feel the skin with a deep and even opacity that provided total coverage.

The wide cuff was particularly comfortable. It kept the knee highs in position without any digging in or constriction.

Colour range

The Aristoc 80 Denier Micro Fibre Knee Highs are available in Black only.

Price and availability

The Aristoc 80 Denier Micro Fibre Knee Highs are priced at £6.00.

They can be purchased directly from Aristoc.

They are also available from our recommended retailer UK Tights.


At Hosiery For Men we have become something of a fan of knee highs. They look smart under pants, but can also be worn with shorts.

They are a great alternative to tights.

The Aristoc 80 Denier Micro Fibre Knee Highs are great quality and a real bargain at just £6.00 a pair. For the comfort and quality they definitely get a recommendation.

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