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Guest review: Snag 50 Denier Tights

We are always pleased to publish guest reviews at Hosiery For Men. They just need to be thorough, sufficiently detailed and more or less aligned with our review format.

Hosiery For Men reader George has just contributed a review of tights from the range at Snag Tights. Snag tights are branded as "tights that fit". You can read our introduction to Snag Tights here.

Last year we reviewed the 80 Denier Opaque Black Tights by Snag.

Hosiery For Men contributor George now focuses on the Snag 50 Denier Tights.


Produced by hosiery newcomer Snag, the Snag 50 Denier Tights is but one of a number of variants in their range. I also purchased their 30 Denier Sheer Tights and 80 Denier Tights too – reviews to follow.

Having seen the initial review on Hosiery For Men for the 80 Denier Tights (goes to show manufacturers that the reach of Hosiery For Men is indeed influential in the purchasing decision of men) I was especially pleased to see a range of denier and an even greater range of colour. Hands up everyone fed up with a choice of Black or Black? So, what differentiates these tights from others readily available?

Let’s begin with the shopping experience. While many men who wear full length hosiery still find shopping in a store an uncomfortable experience, shopping on-line is a convenient alternative but the drawback is one of not being entirely sure what you’re purchasing until you receive the item unless it’s a product that you’re already familiar with.

Snag come to the rescue with an intuitive and very informative site that really helps the decision making process in terms of denier, colour and especially important - size! Snag are an innovative company in many respects but at last we have a manufacturer that recognises that people can be any combination of height and size around the waist/thighs, as such the sizing permutations are considerable so there is going to be a size for everyone; being 5’ 11” and with cycling thighs I opted for size ‘G’.

The website is easy to navigate, and it is also here that you will find information on the construction of the tights, materials and care instructions as none of this information will accompany your purchase (I found this to be a slight negative).

I ordered 10 pairs, confident that I would not regret it having read the Hosiery For Men review, and my purchase entitled me to a considerable discount. This is conveniently calculated and automatically applied in your shopping cart. The order was acknowledged, offering text/SMS updates for the order status, and shipped quickly. My package arrived just a few days later in a heavy brown bag made from recycled material – this approach to packaging is carried throughout the product offering and is to be welcomed.


The tights are presented in a tissue paper wrapping with an adhesive tab securing it that also denotes colour, denier and size. The tights are neatly folded within the tissue paper with no additional card insert or cellophane bag and no washing/care instructions (refer to the Snag website for this information.

The minimal packaging, all of which is recyclable, is a sound environmental move, although I do like the cellophane bag provided with other brand tights so that they can be protected from snags etc while being stored after washing.


On unwrapping the tights you are immediately aware of the nice soft feel of the material, as is the case in many of the higher priced tights, and it is apparent that these are very well constructed.

The tights feature a nice deep and comfortable waistband of 6cm that prevents the tights from digging in or rolling. I find that they require no adjustment during wear and in so doing provide an altogether very comfortable wearing experience. Seams are flat throughout, and there is a cotton gusset, a nice feature given that the majority of extra-large tights today have the much dreaded back panel.

Worthy of particular note is the depth of the brief section. It is considerably greater than 30cm and has a phenomenal amount of stretch.

There is a slight reinforcement of the brief which is barely noticeable and the toes are lightly reinforced. These tights are not fully boarded and as such there is no definitive front or back. Toes are rounded and very well stitched. Furthermore the size of the toe ensures complete width coverage which adds to the comfort experience.


Being semi-opaque (they are 50 denier), these tights provide an even degree of coverage, although generally matt in appearance they can have the very slightest soft satin sheen in direct light due to the Elastane content. I noted no sag or wrinkling at ankles or knees.

Wearing experience

Being 5’11” and of large build, I find that the G size is true to the description on the Snag size chart with very good leg length, with a very soft and comfortable brief that has enough stretch to fit very comfortably at any point from just above the hips to up as far as the chest. The waistband is inspired – at first thinking it may be too soft to keep the tights in position throughout the day, the wearing experience is fantastic with absolutely no roll and no digging in whilst holding position.

The material is that ideal blend of being very robust and at the same time velvety soft to the touch with no itchiness.


An outstanding product from Snag. I purchased these for €6.37 (£5.70) after my discount which is unbelievable value for a product with such quality features and superb material which is considerably less expensive than my go-to opaque tights form Wolford and Fogal. These tights are priced to compare with your average pair from M&S and I have to say that I love them. 

I’m now really looking forward to trying my 80 Denier and 30 Denier pairs in the vibrant colours that Snag offer.

Go on, be brave and make a statement!

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