Monday, 7 October 2019

Snag Tights Now Featuring Men in Product Shots

Today we bring news of another hosiery brand that has taken steps to show inclusiveness towards all their customers.

Snag Tights have started to use images of men wearing their hosiery.

We spoke to Snag Tights founder Brie Read about this development.

Snag have started to use product shots of men wearing Snag tights. Why are you doing this?

10% of our customers are men, and we wanted to make sure we represented them. It’s important everyone is included and can see what they’d look like in Snags.

Why does a hosiery brand like Snag consider it important to reach out to men who buy and wear tights?

We also believe tights and chub rub shorts are a great option for men - not only do they look great but stop chub rub, keep you warm and give loads more fashion options.

What styles of Snag tights is your model wearing in the photos?

He's wearing our 80 Denier Tights in Black and Hit the Bottle Green.

What feedback and comments have you had since publishing the shots?

We’ve had amazing comments from our male customers who are happy we are reaching out to them and including them, loads of comments who really like the fairness of it, and even more who think men just look absolutely great in tights.

What styles of Snag tights are proving popular with your male customers?

We’ve found classic black tights and bright coloured chub rub shorts are the most popular.

Do you have any plans for the future to extend inclusiveness to male customers?

We do. We believe tights are for everyone and want to include more men and those beyond the binary in our product and marketing shots. All our models are sourced from our customers - which is super important to us.

You can still read our review of the Snag 80 Denier Opaque Tights, as well as a guest review of the Snag 50 Denier Tights.


  1. Excellent, this is exactly what we need & want to see, a 'typical' guy wearing tights well, a really good male look. It's this sort of shoot that will both normalise guys in tights and do wonders for a brand.
    By the way, the 50 denier & the sheers are doing great & the 'Hit the bottle green' is a great colour and is as shown here.

    Best regards,

  2. The packaging is completely discreet too. Brown paper, no logos or identifiers.