Sunday, 10 November 2019

New CARRA Hosiery Product Shots With Male Model

CARRA Hosiery have been releasing more product shots of their iconic Chaos tights, featuring male model Sir Hum [Phrey] Wellington.

Having men in hosiery photoshoots and featured in brand advertising and packing, was one of the key suggestions made Hosiery For Men readers made in our MEN BUYING TIGHTS survey.

Well done CARRA 
Hosiery for continuing to feature men in your publicity. It's real evidence that your support for male customers is more than tokenistic.

You can still read our interview from last month with Christi Hairston CEO of CARRA Hosiery, which features images from an earlier photo shoot.

You can keep up with developments at CARRA Hosiery on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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