Wednesday, 18 December 2019

New Aurora Products From Wolford: Aurora 70 Knee-Highs and Aurora 70 Socks

At Hosiery For Men we previously brought you news of Wolford's commitment to tackle pollution and promote sustainability in fashion.

In their Cradle to Cradle® Collection, Wolford are creating biodegradable skin-wear Aurora products that have required extensive research on colorants and textile chemicals, to ensure that they have a safe biological lifecycle.

We have already reviewed the following Aurora garments:

Wolford Aurora Pullover

Wolford Aurora Leggings

New additions to the Aurora range are:

Wolford Aurora 70 Knee-Highs

Wolford Aurora 70 Socks

The Aurora 70 Knee-Highs and Aurora 70 Socks can also be purchased at Luxury Legs, where the whole Wolford Aurora collection is available.

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