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Reviewed: Levante Ultimate 80 Opaque Tights

UK Tights recently sent us a pair of the Levante Ultimate 80 Opaque Tights to trial and review.

You can find an extensive range of Levante tights and hosiery at UK Tights.


The Levante Ultimate 80 Opaque Tights come in quite basic packaging: a standard card clasp with a hook for retail display.

The information on the packaging does however provide basic information: a size chart, fibre content and washing instructions.

Material and features

Here's what UK Tights say about these tights:

"Customers frequently ask for recommendations regarding hosiery for the winter months and when it comes to matte opaque, Levante is at the top of my list every time; and the Ultimate 80 is no exception. Luxuriously soft and comfortable, Levante have used a double layer knitting technique to ensure that these tights will keep you warm from the harsh conditions that the season brings."

The Levante Ultimate 80 Opaque Tights are made in Italy. The yarn is 87% Polyamide, 10% LYCRA Elastane and 3% Cotton.

They are velvety soft and smooth to the touch. For the X-Tall size they didn't look particularly large when removed from the packaging.

The brief/panty measures 23cm from the waist to the crotch. Seams are flat throughout and there is no rear comfort panel. The tights are sheer to waist with no demarcation between the panty and the leg.

The waistband is 3.5cm wide. There is a cotton gusset.

Toes are rounded but there is no reinforcement.

Sizing, fit and wearing experience

The Levante Ultimate 80 Opaque Tights are available in three sizes: Medium, Tall and X-Tall.

I wore the X-Tall size.

These tights are really so soft when worn and provide a lovely feeling. They are matte with hardly any shine. Opacity, at 80 denier, is good but not quite total in areas where the yarn is stretched.

Although they looked quite small for an X-Tall size, they have good stretch properties.

However, for my 5'10" height they didn't quite provide a perfect fit. If you weigh up to around 160 pounds (11 and a half stone) you are likely to get a good for for height (up to 6'1" according to Levante's own size chart). If you are bigger than this (and I am slightly), or have thicker calves and thighs (like many guys) then the yarn will stretch more outwards than upwards. The fit for me was reasonable, but pretty much at full stretch on the leg, which means they are likely to move downwards over a period of wear.

The brief was quite roomy and comfortable, although I found the waistband to be slightly tight.

Colour range

The Levante Ultimate 80 Opaque Tights are available in Black only.

Price and availability

The Levante Ultimate 80 Opaque Tights are available at UK Tights for £12.99.


I have never been able to find much fault with Levante hosiery for quality. They always have such nice yarns and are invariably well made.

The Levante Ultimate 80 Opaque Tights are really nice tights, and so they should be for just under £13.00.

However, I do find the sizing on the small size and slightly misleading. This isn't to say that Levante's sizing information (or that provided by UK Tights) is misleading. X-Tall is accurate if you are quite slender. If you are a bit larger and over 5'10", this style probably won't work for you in terms of fit.

If Levante created an XX-Tall size that might address these reservations.

If you are tall and are looking for something similar, I recommend the following styles (all available at UK Tights):

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