Wednesday, 15 January 2020

Interview With Dawn Barber Of UK Tights On The Expanded Maximus Range Of Men's Tights

In the last few days we brought Hosiery For Men readers news of the updated and expanded range of tights for men at UK Tights.

Eight new styles have now been added to the Maximus range of men's tights.

To coincide with this development, we spoke to Dawn Barber, founder and managing director of UK Tights.

It's great to see such a big expansion in the men's tights range at UK Tights. What prompted you to make this investment for one of the niche segments of your customer base?

"Because it is exactly that, a niche. We always did pride ourselves on choice and that doesn’t just mean twenty different colours, it also means finding items that only a small number of your customers might need and getting them the high quality items they love."

You have decided to create a broad range of men's tights products, including men's sheer tights, semi-sheer tights, opaque tights and support tights. Seamless tights as well. What was the thinking behind this - to give men a similar range of tights to that available to women?

"Not exactly. Giving men a similar range that women have is not as important as giving them their own thing entirely. We do however want to give men the same level of choice women have, but something that's all their own. That is why we sought out a brand like Maximus, a designer that only does menswear, rather than many other brands that do menswear version of something for women. It is always great to have something with just men in mind."

UK Tights say that Maximus is the "only brand we know of that make their legwear only for men." Can you tell us more about the Maximus brand. 

"It is a young brand with a strong core range but to help build their brand recognition. They have decided to make quality items for men alone and do them at an affordable price. Making one thing well is always a great way to carve out your niche and making them affordable will always get people to try them. We can see this tiny brand become something quite big in their own space."

At UK Tights you have always had lots of men customers (that's why we recommend you at Hosiery For Men!). Do you think this expanded range might tempt new male customers to give tights a try?

"We certainly hope so. Maximus is great quality and our overall range of men's tights is well regarded too. If more people become interested in this type of product, we will definitely expand the range further. 

"Any chance we get to find items our customers love, from men’s tights to novelty leg wear, we will take it. It is always our number one concern, finding items of legwear (and lingerie and swimwear over at our sister sites, UK Lingerie and UK Swimwear) that people love."

Thanks for speaking to Hosiery For Men Dawn.
Here are links to the complete range of Maximus men's tights:

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Maximus 15 Denier Men's Light Support Tights

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Maximus 30 Denier Extra Firm Men's Support Tights

Maximus 40 Denier Men's Opaque Tights (two pair pack)

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  1. Well, good news but it lacks photos of how they actually look on men.

    1. Yes, but this is still a step forward. I will reiterate your point in my reviews.

  2. Great to have support from Dawn and UK Tights. Good that they are working to expand the Maximus range. I notice Dawn is standing in front of a range of Dim tights. I always bought those when I lived in france. But UK Tights dont list Dim as a brand nor does a search on dim show any result. Whats going on there??

    1. It's an old press shot that I used. You are correct that UK Tights doesn't stock the Dim brand.

  3. Wonderful news! Just wish the sizes were larger. Many guys who wear, fall into xxl sizing.
    I am so excited to see these but sad they will not fit me! Perhaps in the future? Thank you

  4. Wish you made bigger waist sizes. I wear 2-3x in women's support. Would love to try yours.

  5. Info for UK Tights: Size XL is missing in the size chart.

    What is the reason that the 15 to 30 denier tights are all support tights?
    Are 15 to 30 denier tights without support function planned?