Wednesday, 1 January 2020

Reviewed: FALKE Sensual Cashmere 50 Tights

Happy new year everyone! Let's get 2020 going with a review!

It is always great to receive new FALKE tights. The quality and fit is always top notch, and that's why you will see lots of FALKE styles reviewed on Hosiery For Men.

On the coldest winter days, the FALKE Pure Matt 100 Tights are my regular standby.

UK Tights recently sent us a FALKE style we haven't tried before: the FALKE Sensual Cashmere 50 Denier Tights.

These tights are part of FALKE's Sensuals collection.


The tights are folded inside a tri-fold card sleeve, that comes together to form a thin box.

Everything is then protected with a clear cellophane envelope.

Materials and features

The FALKE Sensual Cashmere 50 Denier Tights are made from 61% Cotton, 19% Polyamide, 11% Cashmere and 9% Elastane.

Taking them from the packaging you immediately notice how exceptionally soft they feel. This must be due to the Cashmere used in the yarn.

They are also incredibly light and delicate for a pair of 50 denier tights.

Opaque coverage is not total, bit the knit is even and smooth. In appearance they are completely matte.

Like all FALKE tights in the large size options, the legs are long and the brief sits high. I think FALKE genuinely understand how to make tights fit taller people.

The brief/panty had good depth and measures 27cm from the top of the waistband to the crotch. The XL size has a rear comfort panel. Seams are flat and expertly engineered.

The 2.5cm wide waistband is soft and comfortable. As is customary, there is a FALKE tag sewn onto the inside. This is so useful as it provides information on the style, the size and washing instructions.

Toes are rounded and reinforced.

Colour range

The FALKE Sensual Cashmere 50 Denier Tights are available in three colours at UK Tights:

  • Black
  • Navy Melange 
  • Anthra Melange
I wore them in the Navy Melange shade.

Sizing, fit and wearing experience

The FALKE Sensual Cashmere 50 Denier Tights are available in four sizes at UK Tights:

  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large
  • Extra Large

I trialled them in the Extra Large size. I always go for this size in Falke as the fit is always perfect and consistent. On the packaging FALKE even state as a brand marker: "FALKE perfect fit". This seems completely justified to me.

The fit in the Sensual Cashmere 50 was exactly as I was expecting: perfect on the leg for my height and with just the right depth in the brief. Although they have some stretch, it is less than expected. I'm not sure the fit would be quite as good if you are much taller than 5'10", unless you have slender legs and thighs.

The 9% Elastane in the yarn helps them to mould perfectly to the leg. Unusually for cotton and wool mix tights, the fit was getting into second skin territory.

I found these tights to provide a nice, cosy level of warmth and insulation. But the structure of the yarn makes them very breathable.

The Sensual Cashmere 50 feel quite wonderful to wear. The yarn is so soft and sensual that they really do provide a super wearing experience.

Price and availability

The FALKE Sensual Cashmere 50 Denier Tights are priced at £34.99.

If you are quick you can get 20% off in the UK Tights new year sale. Use code NEWYEAR20, which is available until midnight on 2 January 2020.


This is the first review on Hosiery For Men of styles from the FALKE Sensuals range. Although the yarn is principally cotton, the cashmere gives them the appearance and feel of fine wool tights.

As always with FALKE the quality is exemplary and that's why they are such a renowned, premium hosiery and clothing brand. £34.99 is not cheap but you get what you pay for. And anyway, we all deserve some luxury.

The Sensual Cashmere 50 are up there with the FALKE Cotton Perfection Tights and FALKE Soft Merino Tights for some of the best natural fibres hosiery you can buy.

I am eager now to try the FALKE Sensual Cotton 80 Tights as well. They are also available at UK Tights.

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  1. I agree 100 percent with the review result, the tights are perfect for the colder seasons, and the fit is really comfortable.
    I have both versions, the 50 for the chilly days and the 80 for cold days.
    Regarding the sizing, size M fits me perfect with height 6'1", slender legs, thighs and hips.