Monday, 27 January 2020

Reviewed: Pretty Polly Eco-Wear Biodegradable Seamfree Leggings

Here is our final review (at least for now) of items from the new Pretty Polly Eco-Wear range of tights, leggings and underwear.

For more background on the range, read our interview with Pretty Polly Product Manager Caroline Wright.

We have already reviewed the following:

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Pretty Polly Eco-Wear Biodegradable 70 Denier Tights

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We now focus on the Pretty Polly Eco-Wear Biodegradable Seamfree Leggings.


Pretty Polly have created a new design for the whole of Eco-Wear range that uses recyclable and biodegradable packaging. There is no plastic used at all, apart from a small sticker. There is no plastic used at all, and the packaging is biodegradable and recyclable.

The Eco-Wear leggings come in a simple but sturdy card envelope.

Material and features

This is what Pretty Polly say about the Eco-Wear leggings:

"Pretty Polly introduces Eco-Wear, a sustainable range of hosiery, seamfree underwear and leggings made from the first biodegradable polyamide in the world. The yarn is also recyclable. Garments made with this innovative technology will decompose in approximately 3-5 years when properly disposed of in landfill, reducing their environmental impact."

"The new yarn has a beautiful softness and handle which gives the underwear a sense of luxury with balance and comfort combined. The garments are all individually designed for optimum comfort and fit, made to work with the body rather than against it, reinventing the way we think about underwear and movement."

"Great Seamfree Eco-Wear Leggings designed to move with you."

Pretty Polly Eco-Wear products will not biodegrade while you wear them. This process only happens when the item reaches landfill.

The Pretty Polly Eco-Wear Biodegradable Seamfree Leggings are made in Italy. The yarn is 93% Polyamide and 7% Elastane.

The Polyamide in the yarn is biodegradable, but the not the Elastane. Pretty Polly say they are currently working on that.

Like all the Eco-Wear garments we have reviewed so far, the leggings feel extremely soft.

The material has a dense, close knit which provides complete opaque coverage.

The waistband immediately drew my attention. It is 5.5cm wide withy a ribbed pattern and very stretchy.

The brief is completely seamless with no central seam. It is deep and sits quite high; measuring 27cm from the top of the waistband to the crotch.

At the ankle there is a 2cm cuff which is soft and elastic.

The only seam is a conventional one which runs under the crotch and down the inside of each leg.

Colour range

The Pretty Polly Eco-Wear Biodegradable Seamfree Leggings are available Black only.

Sizing, fit and wearing experience

The Pretty Polly Eco-Wear Biodegradable Seamfree Leggings are available in three sizes: Small-Medium, Medium-Large and Extra Large.

I wore them in the XL size.

Fit was absolutely perfect. As with the rest of the Eco-Wear range, Pretty Polly have got the sizing right.

The Eco-Wear leggings have plenty of stretch and would comfortably fit a person taller than my 5'10".

Fit on the leg was nice and close, with no bagginess or wrinkling.

The brief was wonderfully comfortable without any tightness or restriction. The waistband stretched comfortable above the hips and waist.

I wore the leggings with shorts, but they also worked superbly under jeans for extra insulation. A great alternative to opaque tights when it's really cold.

Price and availability

The Pretty Polly Eco-Wear Biodegradable Seamfree Leggings are priced at £20.00.

You can purchase them directly from the Pretty Polly website.

They also now available from Simply Hosiery Online.


Another great product from the Eco-Wear range. The Eco-Wear leggings work brilliantly as a unisex garment. They are super comfortable and at just £20 are a complete bargain.

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