Friday, 2 April 2021

Catching Up With Threads: Part Two

A few days ago we published Part One of our latest conversation with the founder of the hosiery brand Threads, Xenia Chen.

Here is the second part of Hosiery For Men's recent interview with Xenia.

What feedback have guys provided on your sheer and opaque tights?

The feedback has been very positive! Men have been loving the fit and feel of our tights and many have stated that it’s on par with many of the super high-end brands that are 5x the price.

Hearing reviews like that make us so happy because our mission from the beginning was to make luxury hosiery more affordable and accessible, no matter who you are. You can read all our reviews (many of them from men) here.

We were excited to hear that Threads are now developing a brand of tights for men. As part of this you created a survey. What kind of useful feedback did you get from this, and what kinds of things are guys looking for in tights made for them?

Definitely, we’re really excited about this and we’re currently working with ~150 of our male customers to get their input on the development and prototyping process. The most common piece of feedback we’ve received is the desire of having a product that caters to the male anatomy. Men are really interested in something that caters to the male body type while retaining the same soft luxurious material from the tights from our original line. We're always looking to hear feedback from male customers, if you'd like to have a part in the production of our tights for men, feel free to email to give us some of your preferences when looking for hosiery!

When do you hope you launch Threads tights for men?

We’re hoping to launch in the next few months! We’re currently in the product testing phase. We want to make sure all of our products that come to market are of the highest quality so this part is extremely important to us and not to be rushed. If you want to be added to our email list to be the first to know when we launch, just enter your email here.

What has been the experience of working with your hosiery factory in Italy when designing the forthcoming Threads tights for men? Is this a completely new experience for them, or are they now more familiar with what is involved when creating men's tights?

This is a pretty new experience for them! They've been aware of the male market for years and have had other brands discuss it but no one has really gone through with it the way Threads has. Which is interesting because our factory has been making hosiery since the 1970s! Our relationship with our factory is one of the things I'm most proud of. They've been supportive from the start and are always ready to work hand-in-hand with us, and this time is no different.

It's been great speaking to you again Xenia. We are really looking forward to the new Threads men's tights, and will, of course, be covering the launch here.

Don't forget that Threads have created the following discount codes for Hosiery For Men readers:

NEWHFM - 20% for new customers
HFMFRIEND - 10% off for everyone (so people who used the code last time can get another discount!)

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