Sunday, 6 December 2015

Competition Winners: Glamory Thermoman 100 men's tights / leggings

Our competition to win a pair of the Glamory Thermoman 100 men's leggings / footless tights ended yesterday.

The response to the competition was phenomenal, with hundreds of entries. Thanks to everyone who entered, as well as all the new followers of Hosiery For Men on Twitter.

The winners are: @finchaway12, @cargord and Daryll Collis. Congratulations!

We will be in contact with each of you and arrange for you to receive your prize.

Vogue Magazine Feature: An Appreciation of Men In Tights

One of the world's leading fashion magazines, Vogue, has just published a really interesting and positive look at the history of men wearing tights.

In Brosiery Through the Ages: A Fond Look Back at Men in Tights, writer Laired Borrelli-Persson shares her fascination with tights-wearing icons through the ages and her discovery that tights have always been menswear.

"As I live in these stretchy knots for about six months of the year, discovering new brands has become a minor obsession, as has finding tights-wearing icons—beyond Edie Sedgwick, who will forever be the patron saint of the pants-less, no matter what the tightsarenotpants manifesto says. This year, while focusing on dance and dancers, I finally found some. Looking at pictures of Rudolf Nureyev (whose photo, Anjelica Huston wrote in her memoir, was pinned to Diana Vreeland’s mood board) led me on a hunt that yielded wonderful images of acrobats, superheroes, and other leggy knights of the garter.

"More modest than separate leggings tied on with ribbons, tights were a predominate feature of menswear for centuries. Their association with contemporary women’s fashion dates to the ’60s, when tights, with a push from Mary Quant, segued from dancers’ studios to the street. There they enabled miniskirts (showing one’s garters was not comme il faut) and other female freedoms."

She also reflects on the contemporary role of tights on the runway shows of leading designers, and the new trend for men to wear tights and leggings with shorts.

"In the mid-1980s, Jean Paul Gaultier, who has always bended and blended genders, sent men in tights down the runway. More recently, the popularity of skinny jeans—which are but a thickness away from hosiery—and the exponential growth of athleisurewear, not to mention the trend toward androgynous dress, have some men ditching their khakis and sweats in favor of tights/leggings and shorts."
The feature has a fascinating slideshow of men in tights through the ages.

Saturday, 28 November 2015

Competition time: Win a pair of the Glamory Thermoman 100 men's leggings/footless tights

We have a great competition for Hosiery For Men readers in partnership with German hosiery brand Glamory.

Glamory produce a range of men's tights and leggings.

They recently launched the new Thermoman 100 men's leggings/footless tights. You can read our review here.

There are three pairs of Thermoman 100 to win. The competition is open to everyone, wherever you live.

There are two ways to enter the competition - via Twitter or email. If you enter by Twitter and email you will double your chance of winning.


1. Follow Hosiery For Men on Twitter

2. 'Like' and retweet the special tweet for the Glamory competition.


1. Send an email to Hosiery For Men:

In the email simply write: "I want to win a pair of the Glamory Thermoman 100".

The competition will run until midnight (UK time) Saturday 5 December. We will then contact the winners.

Good luck everyone!

Friday, 27 November 2015

Black Friday Deals #7: Dress My Legs

Irish hosiery retailer DressMyLegs are offering 20% off everything in store for Black Friday.

The offer ends at midnight on Monday 30th November.

This is a chance to check out their great range of tights for men.

Black Friday Deals #6: Luxury Legs

Hosiery retailer Luxury Legs is offering up to 30% off selected items for Black Friday.

Black Friday Deals #5: The Stylish Fox

Hosiery retailer The Stylish Fox is offering 20% off everything on Black Friday.

Use code 'HOLIDAYS20'.

Thursday, 26 November 2015

Tights for men launched at My Tights

My Tights, one of the UK's leading hosiery retailers, is launching a new section of their website focused on tights for men.

This is a great step forward for the visibility of men's hosiery, with another significant retailer showing their commitment to the male market.

My Tights aim to develop a first class service to men buying tights, and their partners buying for them.

There will be a special, regular newsletter for male customers. If any readers wish to receive this send an email to

The tights for men section of My Tights will focus on a specially curated range, including top women's and unisex tights from Falke, Wolford and others, as well as tights and leggings specifically made for men by the German brand Glamory. More men's tights will be added soon.

Early reports indicate that the Glamory range is extremely popular and selling fast!



Hosiery For Men has been working closely with My Tights to plan this launch. We have written an Advice Guide for men buying tights for themselves. You can also read a Q & A session that My Tights did with us.

To coincide with the launch, we interviewed My Tights about the new site.

It's exciting news that as we move into the colder weather in autumn and winter, My Tights plan to launch a dedicated section for men's tights. Why did you decide to do this?
We think so too! We’ve always tried to cater for all of our customers, including sourcing items that are difficult to find on the high street. One trend we’ve noticed in recent months is that the demand for men’s tights is greater than ever, so it makes perfect sense to respond to this sector of the market and become the ‘go-to’ place for male hosiery.

What will be unique about the men's tights shop at My Tights?
It’s unique in the sense that we aim to create a dedicated zone only for men, which many of our competitors don’t have. As well as stocking male products, we’ll also have a host of advice pages, supporting our male customers on how to find the perfect pair. This kind of information that isn’t widely available elsewhere.

There is also quite a lot of media interest in tights for men. What are your thoughts about the greater visibility of men buying and wearing tights?
It’s long overdue in our eyes, especially as men were wearing tights before women! We hope that with more and more brands creating ‘male specific’ products, that much of the derogatory and sarcastic media attention will turn to positive over time. Maybe in the not too distant future, seeing men in tights will be as common as women!

To men thinking about trying tights, what would you say are the main benefits of wearing them?
The obvious benefits of wearing tights now that it’s late November would be the warmth. There’s nothing like the feeling on a cold morning of pulling on a pair of thick opaque tights. We constantly see labourers on the train wearing tights beneath their shorts or work trousers, so you’re not alone. 

If you’re worried about what people think, a pair of thick black opaques will look just like socks beneath your clothes, so nobody has to know, either!

Practicalities aside, tights also feel great against the legs, and if you’re somebody to experiment with fashion, tights are the perfect finishing touch to your outfit. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different types of hosiery either – we find that some men prefer tights, others hold ups, it’s very subjective.

What do members of the team at My Tights particularly recommend that men should buy?

Nikki: Lots of our male customers opt for the Falke Shelina Tights, and it’s easy to see why. Generous enough to accommodate a male frame, they feel lovely and smooth against the leg and are the best on the market for a natural ‘no-tights’ look.

Another great option are the Wolford Satin De Luxe Tights. They’re a little pricier, but worth every penny thanks to a lovely shiny finish. What’s more they’ll last for years. If you’re on a budget, a good alternative are the Jonathan Aston Gloss Opaque Tights, which offer the same look but at a more friendly price.

The Levante Class Tights are a very popular everyday sheer. They come in a great range of shades and the glossy sheen makes them comfortable under trousers. Sizing also goes up to Extra Tall.

I also recommend that men look at tights from Wolford, Falke and Oroblu. These are all great quality and come in larger sizes.

Jack: Anything from Falke is a guaranteed hit with our male customers. They have a unique knack of being stylish, durable and high quality. You really can’t go wrong with them. At the moment it’s still quite warm outside, but when the temperatures inevitably drops, the Falke Warm Deluxe Tights are a great option. They’re made using 400 needles to conserve heat, so really are one of the warmest options around. We’d also recommend trying some of our new Glamory styles. They are new to My Tights and already selling well.

Black Friday Deals #4: UK Tights

UK Tights, one of our recommended hosiery retailers, are offering one the best Black Friday discounts we have seen so far: a whopping 20% off everything.

This starts at midnight tonight and lasts until 23.59 tomorrow, Friday 27 November.

The code is: 'BLACK'.

Black Friday Deals #3: My Tights

For Black Friday My Tights is offering 15% of everything, starting today and ending at midnight on Sunday.

Use the code: 'BLACKFRIDAY'.

Just arrived: Chaffree Men's Boxer Shorts

Chaffree is an exciting new brand that offers a range of seamless, sweat absorbing and chafe reducing underwear for men and women.

Chaffree kindly sent us a pair of their Men's Boxer Shorts to trial and review. They have been recommended as particularly comfortable to wear under tights.

We will the publish the review soon.

Black Friday Deals #2: Tights Please

For Black Friday 2015 Tights Please are offering 15% of everything from today until midnight on Sunday 29 November.

Use the code: 'BLACKFRIDAY15'.

Black Friday Deals #1: Mayfair Stockings and Mayfair Legs

We aim to bring you details of the best deals and bargains for hosiery on this years's Black Friday.

First up is Mayfair Stockings and their sister site Mayfair Legs.


At both sites there 15% of everything, using the code 'Black15', from today until Monday 30 November.

Sunday, 22 November 2015

Reviewed: Cette Sochi Cotton 120 Denier Tights

Cette, the leading Belgian hosiery and shape wear manufacturer, sent us a pair of their Sochi Cotton 120 Denier Tights to trial and review.

We have previously reviewed the following styles from Cette:

Cette Dublin Plus Size Opaque Tights

Cette Dublin 60 Denier Opaque Tights

Cette Quebec 40 Denier Satin Tights

Materials and features

The Cette Sochi Cotton 120 Denier Tights are part of the Cette Size Plus collection.

Packaging is quite simple and is designed for the tights to be hooked onto a display. The tights are enclosed in a warp around card clasp. I guess the advantage when they are displayed in a store is that you can touch the fabric.

The tights are made from 65% Polyamide, 32% Cotton and 3% Elastane.

The fabric is matt, extremely soft and with no shine.

The tights and sheer to waist and have no demarcation between the legs and the brief. Seams are flat.

The 2XL size that I wore has a rear comfort gusset. I suspect this is the case with all sizes in this style.

Fit and sizing

The Cette Sochi Cotton 120 Denier Tights are available in three sizes: XL, 2XL and 3XL.

I tested the 2XL size.

The Cette Size Plus collection has genuinely been designed for larger women and men.

In the 2XL size leg length was perfect for my 5'10" height.

The brief was deep and comfortable and easily stretched over the hips and waist.

The Sochi tights provided an excellent wearing experience. The tights felt very warm and soft on the skin.

Colour range

The Cette Sochi Cotton 120 Denier Tights are available in two shades: Black and Ristretto

I tested a pair in Ristretto, a dark brown. 

Price and availability

The Cette Sochi Cotton 120 Denier Tights are not currently available at any UK stockists. 

The recommended retail price (RRP) is £22.95.

The Cette Size Plus collection is one of the best selection of tights now available for larger women and men. The Sochi Cotton 120 Tights are a great addition to the range and we were really impressed with the good sizing, fit and overall quality.

The 2XL size that we tried was perfect and provided a wonderful fit without any stretching needed.

These are some of the best cotton opaque tights that we have reviewed this year.

Thanks to Cette for providing the sample for review.

Saturday, 21 November 2015

Reviewed: Glamory Thermoman 100 Men's Leggings/Footless Tights

The German hosiery brand Glamory sent us a pair of their new Thermoman 100 men's footless tights/leggings.

Glamory make a wide range of men's tights.You can read Part 1 and Part 2 of the Hosiery For Men feature and interview with Glamory.

Materials and features

The Thermoman 100 men's footless tights/legging are packaged in the customary Comfort4Men style: the tights are folded around a card rectangle that provides instructions on how to put on tights (if needed). This is enclosed in a light card folded over the tights, and then housed in a clear plastic envelope.

The Thermoman are made from 90% Polyamide and 10% Elastane.

They are described by Glamory as:

'Opaque men leggings with a matt finish, soft microfiber, very comfortable to wear, perfect fit, flat seams, comfort gusset, reinforced panty with fly'.
On inspection it seems that The Thermoman tights/leggings are actually a footless version of the Glamory Microman 100 tights.

The tights are opaque with a matt finish that has just a slight sheen.

The brief/panty is lightly reinforced and made from a slightly denser fabric; the demarcation with the legs is not particularly noticeable.

The brief has a front centre panel that is 11cm wide, with two seams extending up to the waistband. The fly opening is constructed as part of the centre panel. It is a generous opening, which measures almost 16cm in length, and provides plenty of room for access and manoeuvrability. The brief has good depth. There is a conventional rear seam.

The waistband is 4.5cm wide.

The cuffs are are 3cm wide and constructed from the fabric being doubled over.

Fit and sizing

The Thermoman 100 men's footless tights/leggings are available in six sizes: M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL and 4XL.

I tested the XL size.

The Thermoman leggings/footless tights are a comfortable wear. The fabric is soft but doesn't have a huge amount of stretch. This means care is needed to make sure that you get the right size.

The XL size provided an excellent fit, but if I was slightly taller than my 5'10" I think the 2XL would be a better option.

The high (10%) Elastane content provided a close fit on the legs. On the thigh they were slightly tighter than expected.

The brief is excellent and clearly designed with men in mind. The waistband stretches easily above the waist and hips.

Glide under trousers was excellent.

A further plus point are the cuffs which sit just above the ankle. These are well finished and stay nicely in place.

Colour range
The Thermoman 100 men's footless tights/leggings are available in Black only.

Price and availability
The Thermoman 100 men's footless tights/leggings are now available at My Tights priced at £12.95.


The Thermoman 100 men's footless tights/leggings are a decent addition to the Glamory range of men's tights. It's a good move to make a footless version of the Microman, as that provides more flexibility and choice.

The Thermoman are well-designed and well-made. Care has been taken to create a brief and fly-opening that fit the male body. It's a good combination of comfort and functionality.

The Thermoman are a great alternative to traditional long-johns, and will provide insulation and comfort without being bulky and overly loose-fitting.

Perfect for wearing under shorts, under trousers and for all types of sporting activities.

Glamory have also released a promotional video for the Thermoman 100 men's tights/leggings.