Friday 29 November 2019

Wednesday 27 November 2019

Pretty Polly's New Eco-Wear Tights, Leggings and Underwear Collection: Interview With Product Manager Caroline Wright

We recently brought you news of the new Eco-Wear range of sustainable hosiery and lingerie from Pretty Polly.

To learn more about the collection, we recently spoke to Caroline Wright, Product Manager at Pretty Polly.

Sustainability in hosiery production now seems to something that nearly all the top brands are investing in. When did this become a priority for Pretty Polly and why?

The environmental impact that the textile industry as a whole has on the environment is enormous. As consumers become more aware of this, they are looking to brands to become more sustainable. This has been a priority for Pretty Polly for some time now, but the solutions that will help with the problem have only relatively recently become available.

Can you tell us more about the particular processes and technologies you have invested in with the Eco-Wear range?

Some of the industry is using recycled yarns, but as there is as yet no commercially effective method of recycling the recycled, the product still ends up in landfill. Pretty Polly have, therefore, decided to use biodegradable polyamide in a range of hosiery and underwear called Eco-Wear. The technological development has been in the yarn which is a polyamide with a formulation of additives that enhances its biodegradability. These additives make it easier for the bacteria to access the microscopic structure of the fibres in the yarn to start the process of biodegrading. This happens when the garments are properly disposed of in landfill (not when you're wearing them!)

As well as the 'green' credentials of the Eco-Wear range, you are also stressing the comfort and softness of the products. What makes them so good to wear?

One of the advantages of the biodegradable yarn is that it is softer than the yarn that is commonly used in this type of underwear. The combination of this softness, and no seams in the underwear and leggings makes all the garments really comfortable to wear.

At Pretty Polly you are emphasising the "Everybody, Everyday, Everywhere" ethos of the Eco-Wear range. Are you aiming for a gender-free approach that includes men, who may also be interested in the Eco-Wear tights and leggings?

Our aim at Pretty Polly is for everybody to enjoy wearing our products every day and on any occasion, irrespective of gender. We already have many loyal male wearers, and we really hope they like the new Eco-Wear.

The new Eco-Wear range includes:

70 Denier Eco-Wear Opaque Tights

40 Denier Eco-Wear Opaque Tights

Seamfree Eco-Wear Leggings

Seamfree underwear

All Eco-Wear hosiery is available in Black only. Eco-Wear underwear is available in Black, Nude, and White.

Tuesday 26 November 2019

33% Off Black Friday Sale at Pretty Polly

There is 33% off everything at Pretty Polly in their Black Friday sale.

Use the code BLACKFRIDAY33 at the checkout.

Hurry up as the sale ends on ends 29.11.19

Our tip is to stock up on tights in the excellent Premium Opaques range.




Two New Styles Of Patterned Men's Tights From Comfort4Men

German men's hosiery brand Comfort4Men have just added two new styles to their range of patterned tights for men.

The C444M 60 Denier Low Waist Prince of Wales Tights, available in low waist version only.

The C442M 50 Denier Modern Art Pattern Tights, also available only in low waist.

Monday 25 November 2019

25% Off Everything At Heist

Starting today, there is 25% of everything at Heist!

Yes, you read that correctly: 25% of everything at Heist for Black Friday.

The discount will be applied at checkout, and is available all this week until midnight on December 2nd at GMT London time.

So take a look at the whole of the tights collection at Heist, which includes:

The Nude

The Thirty

The Fifty (the bestseller at Heist)

The Eighty

The Fishnet

Heist tights are seamlessly designed (no digging, sagging or rolling) without a gusset, and have an adaptive waistband that moves with the body for maximum comfort.

Heist tights are available in two waistbands: the High and the Mid (previously known as the Low).

Heist tights are suitable for men. Heist have provided a series of FAQs as guidance for men thinking about buying Heist tights.

You can also read Hosiery For Men's complete guide for men buying Heist tights, where you get detailed advice on sizing and links to our reviews of the whole Heist tights range.

Reviewed: Chaffree Leggings

Chaffree, the underwear and hosiery brand that offers a range of seamless, sweat absorbing and chafe reducing garments for men and women, recently sent us several new items to trial and review.

We have recently reviewed the Chaffree Ankle Socks, the Chaffree Knee High Long Socks and the the Chaffree Mid Calf Socks.

We have also previously reviewed the Chaffree Men's Briefs and the Chaffree Men's Boxer Shorts.

We now focus on the Chaffree Leggings.


The Chaffree Leggings are simply packaged in polythene bag and nothing more.

At least this keep plastic and other waste down to a minimum.

Materials and features

The Chaffree Leggings feel like a really substantial and sturdy garment as soon as you remove them from the packaging. Yet they are also light in weight.

They are made from 78% Polyester, 14% Polyamide and 8% Elastane.

The 78% figure above is actually the double-knit, high technical performance wicking fabric COOLMAX®, which is a key feature of Chaffree products.

This is what Chaffree say about the yarn:

"Chaffree leggings have a DOUBLE COOLMAX® count as the fiber has been woven double thickness in order to create the opaque look, thus giving extra benefits the wearer in relation to comfort, practicability, durability and moisture control whilst still remaining light weight, quick drying, ultra soft and comfortable."

COOLMAX® fabric has an inbuilt moisture management system that keeps you dry and cool when you perspire. COOLMAX® fabric moves and transports perspiration outside of the body where it quickly evaporates thus reducing the skin to irritation and other attributes that cause the skin to chafe. COOLMAX® fabric also has anti-bacterial qualities.

The material is soft and very stretchy. Opaque coverage is total.

These leggings are designed to keep seams to an absolute minimum. There is no central seam in the brief/panty area. There is one expertly engineered flat seam that runs down the inside of the leg.

There is quite a substantial gusset sewn into the crotch area for enhanced comfort.

The 7.5cm waistband is superbly designed. It is stretchy, provides support without any digging in and aims to prevent roll down when wearing. The waistband is designed to fit high for extra comfort.

The inside of the waistband provides information on the fabric, sizing and washing instructions. There are no additional labels that might be irritating to the skin.

Legs are anatomically shaped to taper down from the thigh to the calves. Chaffree Leggings are available with choice of three leg lengths: Short, Regular and Long.

The leggings are finished at the lower calf/ankle with a 2.5cm wide cuff.

Sizing, fit and wearing experience 

The Chaffree Leggings are available in six sizes:

  • XS (8-10)
  • S (10-12)
  • SM (12-14)
  • ML (14-16)
  • XL (18-20)
  • 2XL (22-24
As mentioned above, they are available with a choice of three leg lengths: Short, Regular and Long.

After careful attention to the size chart, I chose a pair in the ML size (14-16) with a Long leg.

You need to take a little bit of care putting the Chaffree Leggings on, ensuring that the inside leg seam is aligned correctly. For me the fit was perfect: the leg length was just right and the leggings seemed almost designed for my leg shape.

The fabric was soft and comfortable on the skin. On a very cool day, I found the insulation welcome. Wearing them on warmer days, the breathability is good and there was no overheating. 

As detailed above, COOLMAX® fibre is breathable and sweat is wicked away. I wore them on a long, sweaty hike and they didn't get damp with sweat. In fact I was surprised at how quickly the moisture evaporated away.

The brief with its wide, comfort waistband was particularly comfortable. There was plenty of space and comfort, and no constriction, for the male anatomy. The leggings needed minimal adjustment as the high waistband kept them in place for long periods. They didn't creep downwards and the waistband didn't rollover.

Above all these leggings felt great to wear, whether I was being outside and active, or just relaxing at home on the sofa.

Colour range

The Chaffree Leggings are available are available in Jet (Black) only. Chaffree hope to have more colours available in the new year.

Price and availability

The Chaffree Leggings are priced at £38.50 to £39.50 depending on the size chosen. The largest sizes XL (18-20) and 2XL (22-24) are set at the slightly higher price.

Postage is FREE OF CHARGE for all UK orders over £50.00.

For international customers shipping costs are calculated and displayed in your shopping cart during the order process.


The Chaffree Leggings are a really top quality product in every respect. Made with care and precision, with a wider range of sizing options than you would normally see. The choice of leg lengths is especially welcome.

For the quality, the price is really very reasonable. This is a robust product that will take some serious wear, and they will last if looked after.

I have reviewed several brands of leggings since starting this blog, and these Chaffree ones are as almost good as those super premium brands that you will pay more than £100 for.


For more reviews, read the feedback on the Chaffree website. If I haven't convinced you, reading the customers reviews will!

If you need more advice on sizing or anything to do with this product you can contact Chaffree and they will always respond promptly. One the Chaffree website you will also find  a live chat support facility.

Thursday 14 November 2019

New Eco-Wear Tights and Leggings from Pretty Polly

Pretty Polly have just launched a new Eco-Wear range of sustainable hosiery.

The Eco-Wear tights and leggings made from the first biodegradable polyamide in the world. The yarn is also recyclable. Garments made with this innovative technology will decompose in approximately 3-5 years when properly disposed of in landfill, reducing their environmental impact.

The Eco-Wear hosiery range includes:

70 Denier Eco-Wear Opaque Tights

40 Denier Eco-Wear Opaque Tights

Seamfree Eco-Wear Leggings

All the Eco-Wear products are available in Black only. Sizing options are SM, ML and XL.