Friday, 27 September 2019

Gossamer: A New Exhibition Of Artists Who Work With Tights and Stockings

This weekend the Carl Freedman Gallery, in Margate, Kent, is opening a new exhibition featuring artists who have used tights and stockings within their practice, as material or image.

GOSSAMER curated by artist Zoe Bedeaux, is the second exhibition at the gallery’s new Margate space and will feature works from early-twentieth century pioneers including Man Ray and Louise Bourgeois through to celebrated figures including Sarah Lucas and extend to contemporary talent such as Enam Gbewonyo and Ma Qiusha.

Turiya Magadlela, Walking Towards God in Green (2019), nylon and cotton pantyhose and sealant on canvas

GOSSAMER is sponsored by our friends at Heist.

Curater Zoe Bedeaux explains some of the background to the exhibition:

"Hosiery in the context of art inspires a complex multi-layered emotional dialogue. The emotions are dependent on the viewer and the agency the artist allows the material to convey. What appears to be folly on the surface is extremely complex and deep. Tights represent the skin we are in and opens up a myriad of worlds and underlying socio-political subtexts. It is my hope that these will be the portals through which the viewer will journey. It has been such an exciting process curating a show that brings together these extraordinary works that explore the alchemy of hosiery."

Not One More” (2003) by María Ezcurra.

Toby Darbyshire, Heist Founder and CEO, shares why Heist are backing the new show:

"Heist is thrilled to be the sponsor for 
GOSSAMER. Zoe Bedeaux has brought together 22 artists who have all worked in the medium of hosiery to do something totally original. Since we built Heist by reinventing hosiery, we can’t wait to see each artist’s approach to the product we live and breathe every day." 

You can read more about the exhibition in a piece by Hettie Judah in the Guardian: Tights in art: why nylons are fetish and fantasy gold.

And check out the article by Rachel Felder in the New York Times, Pantyhose That Make You Think.

We hope to bring you more coverage of GOSSAMER soon. Stay tuned.

As Heist are the exhibition's sponsor, it's a good time to remind you about Heist's series of FAQs that provide guidance for men thinking about buying Heist tights.

You can also read Hosiery For Men's complete guide for men buying Heist tights, where you get detailed advice on sizing and links to reviews of the whole Heist tights range.

GOSSAMER is open from 20 September to 15 December 2019.

Tuesday, 24 September 2019

Reviewed: Aristoc Ultimate 15 Denier Shine Tights

Today we have another review from the new range of Ultimate tights from hosiery brand Aristoc.

So far we have reviewed the following:

Aristoc Ultimate Smoothing 15 Denier Tights

Aristoc Ultimate 10 Denier Ladder Resist Matt Tights

Aristoc Ultimate 10 Denier Matt Tights

We now focus on the Aristoc Ultimate 15 Denier Shine Tights.


The Aristoc Ultimate 15 Denier Shine Tights come in the new packaging that has been created for the whole of the Aristoc Ultimate collection. There is now a uniform design aesthetic to the whole range.

The tights are folded around a card rectangle that provides information on styles in the Ultimate range.

This is then sealed in a plastic sleeve. Everything is then housed in an cleverly designed and unique card enclosure. Four triangular flaps open outwards to reveal the tights inside.

Material and features

Here is Aristoc's description of the 
Ultimate 15 Denier Shine Tights:

"A beautiful shine look on leg with a luxuriously soft handle."
These tights are made in Italy, which is usually a pointer to good quality.

The yarn used is 85% Polyamide and 15% Elastane. The gusset is made from Cotton.

As you take them from the packaging, you notice how light they feel and also how extraordinarily soft and silky they are.

They are completely sheer to waist, with no demarcation between the leg and the body.

As with other styles in the Ultimate range, the waistband has been designed to improve comfort levels. It measures 5.5cm.

The brief is commendably deep, and is 30cm from the top of the waistband to the breathable cotton gusset.

Toes are very lightly reinforced for added durability.

Seams are flat and well made. There is reinforcement either side of the central seam. The XL size has no rear comfort panel.

A further reflection of the quality and attention to detail in the Ultimate range, is an Aristoc tag sewn into the rear of the body. Good to see Aristoc providing this.

Sizing, fit and wearing experience

The Aristoc Ultimate 15 Denier Shine Tights are available in four sizes: 

  • Small 
  • Medium 
  • Large 
  • Extra Large 

I wore the Extra Large size.

They were easy to get on, with a nice amount of stretch.

Fit on the leg was perfect, with no wrinkling. The Elastane content helps them to mould to the leg.

The 15 denier coverage is even throughout. It is dense enough to smooth out and hide any blemishes.

The brief was also comfortable with the waistband sitting nicely above the waist and hips.

There is, as expected, quite a noticeable shine to these tights but slightly less than I thought there would be.

Colour range

The Aristoc Ultimate 15 Denier Shine Tights are available in two colours: Nude and Black.

I wore them in the Nude shade.

Price and availability

The Aristoc Ultimate 15 Denier Shine Tights are priced at £12.00.

They can be purchased directly from the Aristoc website.

The online retailer Tights Tights Tights also has them in stock.


This is our fourth review from the Aristoc Ultimate range and the quality of the tights in the collection is consistently high.

There is no exception with the Ultimate 15 Denier Shine Tights.

They feel good to wear, and being shiny will glide really well under trousers.

The price is very reasonable for the quality and the features.


More Aristoc Ultimate reviews to come. Next up will be the Aristoc Ultimate 6 Denier Bare Tights.

Saturday, 21 September 2019

Reviewed: Chaffree Knee High Long Socks

Chaffree, the underwear and hosiery brand that offers a range of seamless, sweat absorbing and chafe reducing garments for men and women, sent us several new items to trial and review.

This summer we reviewed the Chaffree Ankle Socks.

We have previously reviewed the Chaffree Men's Briefs and the Chaffree Men's Boxer Shorts.

We now focus on the Chaffree Knee High Long Socks.


The Chaffree Knee High Long Socks are packaged very simply. A card clasp is wrapped around the socks. A thin polythene sleeve then encloses everything.

The packaging provides very clear and detailed product information: product description, key features, sizing information and care instructions.

Materials and features

The Chaffree Knee High Long Socks are definitely a premium product, with every aspect and feature designed to provide comfort and functionality.

A key feature of all the styles of 
Chaffree socks is the use of COOLMAX® breathable fabric.COOLMAX® fabric has an inbuilt moisture management system that keeps you dry and cool when you perspire. COOLMAX® fabric moves and transports perspiration outside of the body where it quickly evaporates thus reducing the skin to irritation and other attributes that cause the skin to chafe, leaving you to get on with your life in comfort and confidence. COOLMAX® fabric also has anti-bacterial qualities.

The Chaffree Knee High Long Socks are made from 75% Polyester (COOLMAX®), 22% Polyamide and 3% Elastane ((Lycra®).

These socks have a whole series of unique features, all focused on keeping your feet and legs cool and comfortable.

The graphics above provide a visual overview of key features.

Comfort is enhanced by the terry soft cushioning throughout the whole foot of the sock, including the heel, toe, insole and around and above the ankle.

The toe seam is flat and completely smooth. Feet are anatomically shaped.

The leg has a light rib pattern, that begins above the ankle. This is elastic and is designed to provide moderate leg support, to aid circulation and prevent tiredness.

The top of the leg does not have a conventional cuff. The socks are designed in such a way that the ribbed pattern provides support throughout, so a cuff (top opening) isn't really necessary.

Sizing, fit and wearing experience
The Chaffree Knee High Long Socks are available in five sizes:

  • UK size 4-5 (EU 37-38; US 5-6)
  • UK size 6-7 (EU 39-41; US 7-8)
  • UK size 8-9 (EU 42-43; US 9-10) 
  • UK size 10-11 (EU 44-46; US 11-12)
  • UK size 12-13 (EU 47-49; US 13-14)
In each size a Standard or Wide Fit is available.

I wore these knee high socks in the UK 10-11 size with a Wide fitting.

They were very easy to put on. The sizing information was completely accurate. My shoe size is UK 10.5 and I have quite wide feet. The fit was absolutely perfect, not just on the foot but also the length along the calf and up to the knee.

They socks have a decent amount of stretch. This was helpful not for the length but for fitting snugly on the calf. I also found that once on they needed no adjusting or pulling up; they stayed in place all day.

The soft cushioning on the sole, heel and toe is very effective and really makes a difference if you are own your feet for long periods.

The ribbed pattern on the leg provided a moderate level of compression support. I could tell that they exerted some gentle pressure as when I took them off I could see the ribbed marking on my skin. But there was no discomfort; in fact the opposite as my legs felt good.

Sweat and moisture control is excellent, and this is due to the 
COOLMAX® breathable fibre that wicks away sweat.

Colour range

The Chaffree Knee High Long Socks are available are available in two colours:

  • Jet (Black) 
  • Dark Grey 

I wore them pair in the Jet (Black) shade. As can be seen from the photo, the Jet colour is deep, dark Black.

Price and availability

The price of Chaffree Knee High Long Socks is determined by the type of order you make: the sock sizing and the quantity purchased.

An individual pair of socks (pack of 1) is priced as follows: 

  • UK size 4-5: £8.99 
  • UK size 6-7: £8.99 
  • UK size 8-9: £8.99 
  • UK size 10-11: £9.49 
  • UK size 12-13: £9.49 
A pack of three socks is priced as follows: 

  • UK size 4-5: £24.27 
  • UK size 6-7: £24.27 
  • UK size 8-9: £24.27
  • UK size 10-11: £25.77
  • UK size 12-13: £25.77 
Postage is FREE OF CHARGE for all UK orders over £60.00.

For international customers shipping costs are calculated and displayed in your shopping cart during the order process.


We have reviewed several styles of knee highs, from different brands, at Hosiery For Men. The Chaffree Knee High Long Socks are without doubt the best we have ever worn.

On every level (quality, design, wearability and functionality), they are superb.

I doubt that anyone could improve on the comfort level they provide, and the fit is perfect.

The price, for the quality you get, is very reasonable as if looked after they will surely last a long time.

These knee high socks are another winner from 

As we have remarked previously, 
Chaffree only release new products once they are completely happy with them and they have conformed to the highest standards.

Chaffree customer service is first rate. Feedback is always valued and if you are a regular customer you get discounts and special offers.

To get more information and news on 
Chaffree products, follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

You can also contact 
Chaffree via their website, where there is live chat support.

Chaffree review will be for the Chaffree Mid Calf Socks.

Thanks again to 
Chaffree for sending us samples to trial and review.

Thursday, 19 September 2019

Charnos Launch New Re, Cycled Range

Hosiery brand Charnos has just launched a new range of recycled tights.

The range is now in stock at one of our recommend retailers, UK Tights.

Re, Cycled is a brand new from Charnos. As the name suggests, it's a range made from recycled material and off cuts, the scraps left behind from the used bolts of cloth. Charnos reconstitute these into regular fibre, which ends up being the exact same quality of fabric, but saves on landfill waste.

Not only that, but the production process cuts emissions by 80% and reduces water consumption by 90%.

There are three styles in the range:

Charnos Re, Cycled Sheer 15 Tights

Charnos Re, Cycled Opaque 40 Tights

Wednesday, 18 September 2019

Reviewed: Pamela Mann 50 Denier Recycled Yarn Tights

Pamela Mann, one of the best known British hosiery brands, recently sent us a pair of their 50 Denier Recycled Yarn Tights to trial and review.

We have previously reviewed the following styles of Pamela Mann tights:

Pamela Mann 80 Denier Plus Size Black Opaque Tights

Pamela Mann 120 Denier 3D Plus Size Opaque Tights

Pamela Mann 90 Denier Curvy Super-Stretch Tights


The tights arrived in a simple plastic envelope. This is probably because they were sent as a sample. I would imagine that when available in a retail outlet, the tights will have their own dedicated packaging.

Materials and features

Pamela Mann are working to make changes in how their most popular and bestselling products are made by using recycled materials.

These tights are made with a specialist Nilit Ecocare recycled yarn, made by using fabric that is ground down and then rewoven into new nylon. The result is a reduction in the amount of nylon in landfill sites. These tights use 88% recycled yarns.

The Pamela Mann 50 Denier Recycled Yarn Tights are made from 92% Nylon and 8% Elastane.

They feel soft and smooth. They don't look very long at all when I took them from the packaging, but it turned out that they are very stretchy.

These tights are not quite sheer to waist. There is a narrow reinforcement band at the top of the thigh where the leg meets the brief.

On the leg the feel is even softer and smoother. They do have a noticeable shine.

The brief looked really small and measures just 19 cm from the waistband to the crotch.

Seams are conventional. The 16-18 (XL) size that I wore has a rear comfort panel.

The waistband is 3cm wide.

Toes are reinforced.

Fit, sizing and wearing experience

The Pamela Mann 50 Denier Recycled Yarn Tights are available in three sizes: 

  • One size 
  • 16-18 UK dress size, equivalent to XL 
  • 20-24 UK dress size, equivalent to XXL 
I don't have a size chart to share from the packaging, although the Pamela Mann website does provide size charts.

The size chart provided by The Tight Spot may also be useful.

I wore them in the 16-18 (XL) size. This suits heights up to 5'8". However I am 5'10" tall.

Despite this, the fit was good as the tights are so stretchy.

On the leg, the Elastane content in the yarn ensured that they moulded to the leg shape, with no sagging or bunching.

The brief, as described above, is quite shallow but stretched comfortably above the waist.

Comfort level was high and the tights felt good.

Colour range

The Pamela Mann 50 Denier Recycled Yarn Tights are available in Black only.

Price and availability

The Pamela Mann 50 Denier Recycled Yarn Tights are priced at £8.99.

You can purchase them directly through the Pamela Mann website.

They are also available at The Tight Spot, a retailer we recommend, at the reduced price of £6.95.


After trialling the 50 Denier Recycled Yarn Tights, I went back to my review of the Pamela Mann 90 Denier Curvy Super-Stretch Tights to compare fit and sizing. I have worn both styles in the XL (equivalent to 16-18), but the sizing is not very consistent.

The 90 Denier sale in the Curvy Super-Stretch range has a longer leg and a deeper brief. These are a "curvy"/plus size tight and in my opinion, likely to be a better choice for men to buy.

The Pamela Mann 50 Denier Recycled Yarn Tights are a decent enough product, at a reasonable price. And the environmentally-friendly credentials are also a positive.

However, for 50 denier tights, I would be tempted to give the Pamela Mann 50 denier Curvy Super-Stretch Tights a try. There is a wider range of size options from XL to 5XL. They are priced slightly higher at £10.99 but I feel the extra expense would be worth it. As with the 90 Denier Curvy Super-Stretch Tights you get a deeper body, flat seams and a wider thigh fir.